Dollar/eur is dropping to lowest in 3 years

i know i should read some articles for more detailed answer. But does anyone has any idea why dollar is dropping ? As a guy living in Europe i should be sorta glad BUT … since most networks pay in dollars its sort of a down for me. Is it related to health-care or smthn ? :wink:


Because America is collapsing.


i think china slowly stop making cheap stuff for usa and becomes more independent

It’s related to the guy in the gif above and his politics…



well i was watching some “cringe compilations” (yes i know it sounds stupid :DD ) but there was a feminist who was arguing with some right wing supporters and well it was cringy i agree but the guys who were representing right were claiming that Europe is going to shit and U.S is on the “good way” although i cant see that in recent events.And the whole world is collapsing one way or another im not saying Europe is not in shit :smiley:

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Trump gets elected by claiming he is getting a wall built and mexico will pay for it. He then threatens to shut down our government (payments etc) if the American taxpayers do not pay for the wall since Mexico won’t.

Add the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that he is doing away with amongst other things, and there you have it.


Don’t listen to anything the right wing, alt right , whatever is in the whitehouse says. It’s all shit. Feminists fighting them has to be cringey as hell.

After seeing both of the US presidents Hilary and Trump i was like … well you’re fucked one way or another

EDIT: i mean they were the leaders and it was just a question which of these will become a president :smiley:

Yeah, we were, although who would have been worse is no longer a question.

Neither of them were leaders. Hopefully shit gets bad enough that real change happens, without Nuclear war, the U.S. going to COMPLETE shit etc.

On a sad note, since the Dollar will be weak, it will boost tourism, especially from any country that has the stronger dollar.

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I wish i could travel there because us seems to be #1 in any entertainment but i cant spend my dough im allready in shit need to save some more for IM :smiley: UK is even more f-ed up though that brexit bs hit them way harder

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ok thank you all for the answers im getting the point. Hopefully its going to get better.

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It’s going to take YEARS to undo what he’s already done.


Lol I am really annoyed about this too, always when I withdraw from my dollar PayPal to my Euro bankaccount, I feel like I am losing so much money. Earlier this year when dollar almost closed up on the Euro - that was the best time :slight_smile:


Yea lol i remember even dreaming about goals like when dollar was 0.95/eur you would set your goal to 100$ daily ;D that’s like standart goal in IM dont lie you didint first thought of that… :smiley: and that 5cent difference was like no difference at all but now you have to set your goals to 120~$/day :DD …

Btw i’ve seen your journey thread on bhw and you are aiming for huge goals there. Im wondering how’s your IG+cpa journey going mate ? :wink: Profit monthly ? Ofc if you’re not hesitant to share

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On a sad note, since the Dollar will be weak, it will boost tourism, especially from any country that has the stronger dollar.

I’ve just realised. Boost on tourism = Trump’s hotel business profit. Consipracy theory there you go :DD

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The US national debt has actually reduced 100 billion since January when Trump took office. @ian

He is starting to lose clients at a lot of his hotels, including his “other whitehouse” since he fired the head racist…oops, meant “Chief Strategist”.

No worries, he will simply spend more time at his hotels which the taxpayers will fund. There are whole subreddits dedicated to this. Including one that is sad/funny. They use all of his tweets and boasts from them to show how much he lied.

What can I say, I really don’t wan to think at least 51% of my country was dumb enough to elect him. There was a lot of tampering, etc. Hillary should take a lot of blame, as should the Democrats for basically handing him the election. Oh well.

OK, now I am sad.


Not going to start a political war over this, but here you go

Despite the short-term drop in debt, the government is expected to spend $559 billion more this year than it takes in, adding to the debt. Annual deficits are projected to increase to $1 trillion by 2023, and over the course of the decade debt is projected to grow by over $10 trillion.


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Yes, article was written in March. Yet the debt has continued to reduce over 90B since then even though the article you linked says the debt would rise this year.

I’m not a Trump supporter, but I respect numbers. I understand the changes in debt aren’t fully contributed to Trump by any means though.

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Whether or not any actions or decisions made by Donald Trump have caused or contributed to these historically remarkable declines in the debt is a question that goes beyond the scope of this particular fact check.

Yep, I’ve read quite a few things. But the reduction in debt and reasonings for it still stand. Anyhow. Guess I will have to mute this thread too.

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