Domains for 50 Instagram Accounts

Hey, I was starting my journey with Instagram.

I wanted to know how many domains should I buy for 50 accounts?

So that my accounts doesnt get banned.

Thanks you in advance

Your best bet would be 50 domains, but it will take some time with the setup and it also requires some investment…

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Basically if I start getting the domains now, and after setting up everything should I redirect all the traffic to the main domain?
I wont be able to set up landing pages for every domain.
What will be the best way to get it done?

IG follows redirects so you can’t do that, you will need a landing page on each one. I am preparing a tutorial on how to solve this problem a little faster, if you can wait for a few hours I will post it on the forum once done :wink:


This would be a great help. Thank you so much.

Can you suggest me some cheap and quality domain providers, the one those work best with instagram?

I am looking forward to your tutorial on this @Johnny! :slight_smile:

Do you know if the IG crawlers are able to “see through” a domain that is forwarded with masking?

Obviously they will be able to see the content, including links on the landing page, but if they are “innocent” links would IG know that the domain was forwarded with masking using an inline frame for example?

I posted a new thread with this question as well: Can Instagram See Through Domain Forwarding With Masking?

You can redirect all domains to one folder in your hosting and it will be just one upload.

But as many are talking ig reads LP’s code and can see as dublicate content. If its true your all 50 domains will be same as one.

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That’s a great idea @justas! :slight_smile:

At the moment we try to spread our domains out across several hosts to have at least some variation on our IPs, but I’m actually not convinced this is needed with IG at the moment?

Well we have a lot of landing pages that are all 100% duplicate, but we haven’t had an issue with this (yet!). We are using a JavaScript for our landing pages though, perhaps IG doesn’t follow JS, and that’s why we haven’t run into any problems with this? :confused:

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I dont work at ig and all this are jus talkings. About domains in one server you can easily redirect them to one folder.

If not in a hurry try and hunt from discounts from the big providers, they regularly have .com discounts for $2-3 .

As for the guide on how to use different urls on 50 domains, here you go, sorry but it took a little longer than expected, you will see why :slight_smile:

why always “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!” :sob::sob: