Dongle+4G SIM Question

Hi everyone, those of you with dongle+4gsim set up, I have a few questions, any help is appreciated!

  1. With Dongle+4gsim, why do you need Raspberry? Is it to create the proxy from this combo?
  2. Are there any plug and play dongle+4gsim that auto creates the proxy, no need for Raspberry?
  3. Can I plug in multiple dongle+sim setup on the same desktop (have like 3 dongles connected = 3 proxies)?
  4. Do you rotate these 4g proxies (if you have mulitple) in JV?

1.You can have one raspberry or machine and have a tonne of dongles connected to it - the raspberry acts like the man in the middle so your IP stays the same.

  1. Theres no plug and play dongle unless your just wanting this for one machine/ip and are not connecting externally - there is a script you have to run on the raspberry - If you DM me I will help get you started.

  2. Yes at the moment I am running 7 dongles per raspberry

  3. Yes You can set up to rotate as much as you want.

DM me if you have any problems


Are you using automation or are you connecting the dongle to your phone and doing actions manually?

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Yes
  4. Yes

Can anyone please point me in the direction of how to do this? I’m currently on 4g dongle but would appreciate anything that could make this all safer?

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search ccproxy on the net!


Hi any recommendation for 2?


Looking to get 3-4 sets of dongles, just trying to figure out how to set it up on a desktop

This is a extremely expensive way of creating residential IP addresses. If it’s for Instagram only, there are MUCH better alternatives. Having a residential IP does not mean you are completely safe either, there is more to it.

My advice would be to create IPV4/6 addresses as this will be so much cheaper in the end. The only reason why these type of addresses have negative feedback is because it’s abused through datacenter companies. Making private proxy’s on this level works better then you think.

If your like me who is lazy and wants a high quality proxy, there are people here who can help you. Use the search button and it shouldn’t take you long to find.



It is possible to turn any wifi connection into a proxy with a Raspberry PI - this is the best way to get virgin IPs that have absolutely no automation and if you can set them up in Cafes where people take 100s of IG photos a day your accounts will have absolutely NO limits.

4G proxies are not always necessary when you have some creativity.
Saying that I am in the process of setting up bulk 4g proxies as we speak and it takes like 5 minutes per proxy.


Yes, find someone skilfully since that needs to be customized!

Theres a script you can just run on a linux distro and it gets it to work.

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As far as I know there are several ways to create proxies 4g.
With dongle 4g ​​from what I understand you need a raspberry PI, a linux or windows pc that works as a proxy server, and a home Internet connection with at least one open port (port Forwarding).
So home Internet - PC / RPi - 4g dongle.
This is because the single key connected to the PC cannot work, due to the limits imposed by the NAT of the telephone operator or ISP.
In practice, NAT runs many users on a single IP address at the same time, due to the few IP addresses.
This does not allow you to open ports on a 4g network directly.
You can also use the phone to create a proxy 4g, there is even an app that does it automatically, it’s called allproxy.

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Yes most carries block incoming connections so you have to have the RPI - even then the IP would change all the time so it would not stay the same as IP:PORT like with a raspberry

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Really depends on how many accounts your running but I run over 300 on 4G

can ccproxy genrate enough proxies?

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Their website shows you how to do this, if you require something a little more advanced try freeproxy

free proxy only detect 1dongle

CCProxy has option to enable multiple outgoing ip’s, so in theory its 255 dongle’s. 192.168.8.XXX.