Drop in Pinterest Traffic? Here is Why

I am sure many of you experienced a drop in traffic from Pinterest recently. I think I found the solution:

Pinterest has the possibility to check if your Image is unique (made by you) or if anyone else has posted it on Pinterest.

When you repin a Brand Pin which is not unique and it reaches a certain amount of Repins (I don’t know the number, but many other people on other forums experienced this), Pinterest will change your link to the original poster or to one of their advertising links, therefore reducing your traffic/range.

BUT you still see your Pin with your Link for your Brand Account. If you login into another account you will see another link.

I haven’t started to repin my Brand Pins, so I cannot test if this is true, but as I arleady said: Many other people experience the same problem.

Maybe some of you can check if this is really true and resolve your traffic dilemma. :slight_smile:


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hmm this is interesting. I just checked my main account pinterest.com/username/pins & my website source pinterest.com/source/mywebsite.com from different accounts and All of my links remain in tact

are you saying if you don’t own the image they’ll remove the link? I own all the images I post but i’ve been sharing the same 20 images for a while now. There’s some benefit to making new pictures of course, but i’m not really sure if this is causing the drop in traffic.

also back in 2015 i used to pin images that don’t belong to me and just changed the link. these images are still showing in my source page & they are still getting repins.

did anyone else check this out?

Well some people who used to be quite successful with Pinterest experienced this. I read a thread about it on Blackhatworld. They also said, that old Pins keep giving them traffic, but new ones don’t…

I notice that as well, most of my traffic is from old pins that don’t belong to me

i get very little traffic from my new pins but when i go to the source page i can see they’re being reppined by small accounts with literally under 10 followers. sometimes they get lucky and repinned on a board with 2k followers.

I will start repinning Brand Pins with original Pics in the next couple of days and post my results next week on the forum, hopefully. Maybe it’s really because of copied content :grimacing:

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Well me experience is this, i was just testing how pinterest works and scraped some pics from pinterest and just posted the same pic without link and pinterest automatically added link to the original pic when i tried next pic but changed MD5 of the pic it posted only pic the link was not added so editing the pic might help little but best is to have own pics so you will not loose traffic from long term perspective