Drop of reach and engagement

Hi guys,

I run a business watch page and our reach and engagement have drastically dropped since the last 3 posts. Hashtags are no longer working even though i tried the niche one, I know it is not the creatives because they perform usually well.

Would you have any tips ?


Hi :slight_smile: Use the search option and enter your problems there :slight_smile:
Really, this forum is so extensive, there is so much information you do not even know about :slight_smile:
It’s best to delve into each topic and look and see for yourself :slight_smile:
Każy has different information, so search for them, glue them together and enjoy the results :slight_smile:

Additionally, if you help others, he becomes involved.
You will get to level 2, where there is more knowledge etc …
So search, help, enjoy knowledge :slight_smile:

I’m experiencing the same thing. Hashtag reach dropped from 10-15k average impressions to 5-6. I checked through friends’ accounts and other accounts of mine, and I appear in the “recent” tab, so it’s not a shadowban.

Coincidentially, it happened three days ago. I’m trying with less and different hashtags, putting them in the body, and in the comments, to see if something changes. However, so far, nothing seems to work.

Perhaps there was a change on the algorithm, not sure.

Fati hashtags reach are really hit. Your observation is true I am afraid

Check this thread, you may find useful information to extend your ###

It’s cause there’s no bots that are scraping hashtagged photos.


Unfortunately you might be right :frowning:

I don’t think it is linked to bots