Earn Money With Pinterest / Working Method (SPAM)

Hi guys. Today i wanna share some money earning method for you. Please dont forget the like :slight_smile:

What we need:

Wordpress Automatic Plugin Setup
1-) Go to the plugin and click new campaign. Add your title. It doesnt matter btw. Then follow the steps:

This plugin’s setup is done. Now the other plugin.

Wordpress Pinterest Automatic :

Watch the video and setup your pinterest account for it.


After everything is done, just wait for the visitors to your site. When your visitor number reach the 50-100 then add your adsense ads to your site.


1-) Dont go fast on pinterest. And use clean proxies for it.
2-) Visitors will come in a month. However sometimes it takes much longer. When you waiting your first site, dont stop and setup more sites like this.
3-) Avoid from hairstyle,dıy etc niches. These are too saturated.


why anyone dont want to read this :smiley:

What other networks can you suggest beside adsens? Can we create for example 500 sites and earn that way on adsense or its risky?

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i only know about adsense for now. But if you search you can find good tactics

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okey sorry :slight_smile:

Could you explain what kind of websites you would build for this? Is it just a page filled with ads or?

And what kind of numbers do you have in terms of traffic from Pinterest with this?