Effective Morning Routines

Hey guys, care to share your morning routines? I’m more of a nighttime person so mornings can be a struggle for me.


My 2-Hour Routine:

WAKE UP (8AM currently, but It changes based on what works best for me at the time).
5 Minutes - Bathroom/Brush teeth/Drink Large Glass of Water
10 Minutes - Make Bed
30 Minutes - Run or Calisthenic Workout
30 Minutes - Stretching (Usually start with ROMWOD).
15 Minutes - Meditation & Affirmations
30 Minutes - Shower, Groom, Dress


I’ve been wanting to get into calisthenics but my body fat % is to high rn and I have small wrists.


When I say calisthenics I mostly just mean pushups, situps, planks, pull-ups, stuff like that. Not the fancy stuff. Gotta start somewhere.


Been meaning to build a morning routine for couple of years now, but bad at it lol :frowning:

At the moment, I am trying to

  • Wake up
  • Make coffee
  • Meditate for 3 to 10 mins
  • I normally go straight to answering emails or replying to clients but I am trying to break this and instead do a fitness related activity instead. I believe dealing with work straight away can set or ruin your mood for the rest of the day, so it is important to try and do something that will free and calm your mind.

5AM Wake-up
Making Coffee
Chilling/Thinking for 15-30min
Meditate 15-20min
Reading a book around an hour.

Hopefully will add soon exercise since I started to gain a little bit this summer :joy:

Wake up between 9AM - 11AM.
Make bed
Face dip in cold water for 30s
Brush teeth
Jogging or high intensity exercises (burpees, pushups, some calisthenics etc) to raise my blood circulation
min 30 mins Meditation
Starting the grind

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Damn, some of your mornings are really complex. I like to keep mine simple, I wake up, eat breakfast, brush my teeth, put some clothes on and start working.


Well yes, but after a couple of months you just do it without thinking it. It does wonders for me. I got covered everything in the morning: exercise for energy, meditation for stress management, journaling for keeping the focus on things that matter and so on.

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Wake up 11am
eat 6 cheeseburger from mcdonalds.
watch jerry springer
play xbox
eat a bag of tacos from taco bell
move mouse to wakeup screen and check that everything is running smoothly
play xbox
eat more tacos


bro you just made my day


My man living life
Fuck jogging and meditation


Wake up at 5AM
Cold shower 15 min
Quick look at todo list 5 min
Me time 10 min (browsing etc.)
Gym 1 hour
Warm shower 15 min

Just go to bed early and at the same time every day, you’ll wake up at 5AM naturally after a week.
Good luck!


Damn you have a whole workout in the morning!


Yes, but I am feeling great in terms of energy, I think I am at peak with this so I don’t have any reason not to do it when it feels so great throughout the day

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Yeah I can’t do the workout in the morning routine. At least not weights. I tried it for 6 months with a 90 minute workout and 15-30 min cardio. Wasn’t fun. Felt like I didn’t have enough fuel in the tank to get thru the heavy lifting and numbers dropped.

Some cardio, calisthenics, stretching, yoga, or whatever I’m sure is fine on an empty stomach and just waking up… but definitely not powerlifting =)

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Current morning route:

  • Rub one out
  • Protein shake
  • Review emails/messages
  • Plan and seize the day
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Wake up (10AM-11AM)

20-30min workout
check news
make money
make money
make money
make money
6PM gym
8-10 chill, coffee with a friend
11PM-2/3AM work
going to bed every day around 3AM


Just do deadlifts everyday so you can stomp on everyone, it works great for me

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Cold shower every morning. Try it it is very helpfull :slight_smile: