Effective way to pin products to different boards?

Hey ya’ll,

So I’m in a process of adding products from my website to pinterest, and it seems like a daunting task to create a destination list and a campaign for each category of products.

I wonder if there’s a more effective way of doing it on autopilot? Instead of creating 20 lists and 20 campaigns?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, there’s no automatic way of doing it. However, campaigns do have a clone feature where you can clone a campaign you already created same with creating destination lists.

Alternatively, you can also find users here who can do the job for you with a fair compensation.

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If you are using Wordpress checkout Pinterest Automatic from Valve Press. And if you happen to be using WooCommerce, checkout WooCommerce Rich Pins.

Together they’ll automate the pinning of Rich Pins from all your posts or products to any board you choose. Pinterest Automatic does a great job. I typically let it auto queue any new posts or products and send them to a secret board. Then I use MP or BoardBooster to drip the pins out to public boards on a schedule.

Works great.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I used to work with Social Rabbit and it did a great job pinning products into different category boards.

I don’t wish to spend more money now on tools, I’m just gonna go manually for now until I make some more sales.

Sucks but it’s actually easier to do it manually then set up 15 destinations lists and 15 campaigns… :slight_smile: