Ektor.io? anyone try it?

anybody try ektor.io?

their sales pitch is they’re undetectable? sounds like BS

but im desperate and tempted

/ mod edit may 2020 - it seems many people complain this is a scam, skip to the end of the thread to see what people are saying about it.

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Don’t do it…


thank you, why?

Hey, please describe where the link goes for us to know what it is before clicking it.

its a IG bot i never heard of before but claims to be undectable?

There is nothing like undetectable, even if you do it manually. It’s pure BS.

There most of the user intereface is same like one of the chrome browser extension - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gram-up-–-free-instagram/njonkbhnmmjgancfbncekpgkmidhbbpo

Let me tell you one more thing, that extension is also BS.


it would be great if somebody is going to try it. At least we can know our chances with on going problems.

Why wouldn’t you try it out by yourself and share your experience with us? :sweat_smile:

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wish i had the money to gamble with something that may be total BS.

So. I bought the Software and tried it. It does not Support Proxies yet and is still in a BETA stage. It is promissing because it uses AI to Follow / Like. I think at the moment it looks for faces. So if there is no face it wont like or follow. That makes it kinda unpredictable. The unfollow works pretty well but its definitly a beta thing. I am interested in the updates to come. Its not a bad idea but strange marketing on the website. It does NOT do what you pay for tho. (yet)
I would love for this to get bigger and better after a while.
I can tell you when its worth buying. Maybe when everything they claim works and there is a multi account feature and Proxies.

It runs in your Terminal (Mac) or CMD (Windows) and creates a User Interface in your Browser when you go to : .

It looks like this:

Options unfold when you click on them. Also there is only a “Follow Followers or Following” not people who interacted with the Content of someone

It lets you Target people and set your delays here:

In my experience the unfollow and Storie Viewing worked decently.
The Liking is kinda weird because you can not set accounts a specific Follower Range / Radio
so it likes influencers Photos a lot which is a waste of an action.

Like i said. Its a work in progress but seems promissing to me


“It is promissing because it uses AI to Follow / Like.”
What’s exactly promising for you? AI to follow? really? :joy:


Jrv isnt doing that and knowing a lot of follows, comments and likes go to waste due to not having this option it would be a pretty good feature honestly. Imagine 50% of your actions not go to waste. @IGsocialize

I know you can laser target jada jada but api calls due to filtering basically kills your lasertargetting pretty fast

If you could combine this ai feature with lasertargetting you’d have ultra targetting

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JV is not doing what? I don’t get it. Do you know what AI is and how ML works?
Maybe I missed something in this post.

I diagonally read the thing but i assume he refers to facial recognition as far as AI. If that’s not the case forget what i wrote all together

Jrv only targets with numbers and characters (and gender as far as it’s doable) so the filtering only goes as far as that. Also every filter increases api calls and possibly kills the scrapers for x amount of time due to api call limit.

So this feature isnt as bad as it looks since no public bot (as far as i know of) that’s actually updated aswell as Jrv does this and even Jrv doesnt facial recognize photos, right?

So yeah combine Jrv’s filters with the facial recognition and you have a very good filter or even for example scrape posts and pick out the photos with faces would be waaaaaaaaay more beneficial for a lot of niches as far as like, comment and follow actions.

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IG and FB are using image recognition for long time, you can check it on your browser, just inspect element of any post and you will see the results. (search for ( <img alt=" <–here you will see the tags)

No need to reinvent the wheel, or in this case try to trick us when they are only reading the tags provided by IG.


I see but still what keeps jrv from adding this then? @IGsocialize

In that I’m with you, just a few more lines of code and they can implement it, if ppl will use it is other story. But think about the computing power that you will need, JV is running on your system. How many pics you will evaluate? the content of the post will tell you something to filter out the account? maybe…if you need dogs followers probably pics related with cars will be a good indication.
So for any case will be different. Anyway JV could add it.

Nothing special about the software, their limitation (150/D) is their key to avoid ban, many better bots out there


well AI to Follow ? I have it long time a go.

INFO:main:User: ifatjewelry >> num of posts: 195
INFO [2019-12-14 22:26:16] [xxx] detected wanted language: {‘he’}
gender:None lang of name:None
INFO [2019-12-14 22:26:18] [xxx] 1 faces were detected:
Face coordinate: width: 60 height: 60 x: 139 y: 76
Emotion - happiness: 1 Age ~: 32 Gender: female

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