Email Confirmation Wave 13/08

Morning all,

Just woke up to a BUNCH of “Action Required” & “Email Confirmation” messages.

Seems to be hitting random accounts one by one. :man_facepalming:

Anyone else experiencing this?


How often have you set Jarvee to auto restart and how many cookies are you clearing per restart?

Jarvee is restarting every night and it’s clearing 150k of cookies.

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I keep getting this then the accounts get doable when saying action required. I’ve only tried to post
As soon as I post that happens!

I have the same started 1 hour ago.
Random action required messages. But no restart in the past 21h

Edit: accounts affected on different proxies


PV wave also here on child accounts, +70 accounts affected

That’s far too many. Set it to 15K Cookies, and set Jarvee to auto restart once every 3 days instead. You’ll have significantly less logouts.


Alright sweet! I’ll give that a go man, thank you!

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I have set my pc to turn of every night and come back on again every morning. Could this be bad for my accounts? As you have stated Jarvee should only be restarted every 3 days or so?

That’s my preference. I see no reason to restart Jarvee daily, and their Clear K-Cookies Upon Restart setting is seriously poorly set up. If one manually clears cookies on accounts it doesn’t result in logouts, but I’ve done in-depth testing with the auto clear feature and it always results in logouts. I find that resetting less often with the minimum is a partial way around this.


Finding a lot of these EVs to actually be ACs. Open your EBs guys and check first to see if they’re actually intact ACs and not EVs.


Yup, EC’s are usually ACs for me aswell, don’t have many but some here and there

So far, all of mine are EV’s - I suppose this is really dependant on whether you’re running slaves/child or client accounts. I’m running all clients.

Could you show me where this option is to set these 15k and auto restart 3 days?

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I had an action required wave but it seems like it’s nothing… Just logged out. My heart damn

Edit: Seems like an API disconnect or so cause some are still EB logged in

I agree, usually they are AC.
But today I have multiple clients inform me about a new login email from Instagram and I received several screenshots.
All say „new login from chrome mobile“ with our proxy location. So I guess it is either an instagram bug or a problem with cookies.

You’ll find the restart option in Settings, and the K-Cookies option in Embedded Browser Settings.

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Oh, yeah none of my clients accounts are affected by this wave. Just other accounts I use are.

Looks like no matter what, whether I do SMS verification or Email verifications, the account is stuck in a loop. Cleared cookies and still the same thing, anyone managed to clear the Email Confirmation stage?

its happen to me before and the reason was that i follow via EM when API block and logout and login when EM blocks.
so its keep getting me Email confirmation when the EM logout and login alot.