Email Confirmation Wave 13/08


Nope, just left the accounts actually in EV for now as I couldn’t fix this loop either.


Yes that will always happen when you do that.
We have our clients on EB only and no logout.
But still they received the new logins today. Not all but many


Indeed big wave about 50% accounts got hit, not sure what triggered it. Just to be clear this isn’t the AC wave.


I have been experiencing them for the last 3 days. And most of them turned out to be AC when logged through EB. Mostly DCs but 4G also effected. Now I will let them rest 2 days and continue with the same limits.


are they working without blocks if you turn of Logout? or do you delete cookie manually?


i give up and just deleted all my instagram accounts from the app and just left 10 accounts for testing


Okay looks like I might have found a way to get around the loop - the following steps worked for me:

  1. Clear Cookies
  2. Change External IP of the Proxy (Depending on your proxy provider, there should be an option to do so)
  3. Hit “Verify”
  4. Get user to click “This Was Me”
  5. Click “Verify” again - and that should get you “Valid”.

I’ve done this on around 5 accounts so far and doing it on my others as we speak.


200 client accounts, 10% of them received “account compromised” notification in last 12 hours. Mobile proxy (high quality, 90€ per one proxy), 10 accounts per IP. Also - 2 clients received 7-day block for every action.


wow you spent alot on proxy!


Yes without blocks.
Logouts came very random. I do not logout when action blocked and I did not reset cookies manually.
Both would trigger new login, so I avoid it if not needed.
It could be an Instagram glitch that logged out accounts. Had one client contact me he got logged out of the app three times. Then he changed the password


At this rate I don’t think it’s really related to proxy. Ig is going crazy this day.


90€ is too expensive but I think “account compromised” is not related to proxy, IG send this notifications to accounts who are not used to bot before


I just needed to contact the client and have them click that is was me then click verify again
I did not need to do anything else


I am interested in why are you turning off Jarvee every night and clearing the cookies?
I am wondering what that is doing to help you?


Just posted a thread pertaining to this - it’s because logging in through the EB and API causes IG to flag the account. (I believe)


I also do the same, I’m not sure how many cookies I am deleting though but I personally turnoff Jarvee every night because I run Jarvee on a proper spare pc that I need use, it’s only switched on connected to the internet and I connect to it via teamviewer.

I turn it off every night because I don’t think it’s good to keep a pc on 24/7 as that will decrease the life span of the parts etc.

Why is turning off Jarvee every night an issue?


I run Jarvee during the early morning hours.
I just did not know why Jarvee was being turned off, but I understand your point as a computer issue.


i get Ton PV & Email Confirmation. 80% acc get hit


i have been keeping all my clients on pause for now as ig is doing new things after every 3-4 days i think it’s dangerous to keep clients on automation for now as any new thing can come up and it can be a problem! I am just testing things on all my accounts f/u,likes,mass stories etc.

Have been working on child pages for clients though and doing my tests there instead of doing it directly on client accounts! Things have been weird with ig so i just dont want to put any clients account into EV/PV or Compromised or 7 day block or some other goddam error!

I have told my clients about this and most of them are patient.

NO EV/PV for any of my own or fanpages today! All of different types of proxies!


Where did you hear about update?