Email Confirmation Wave 13/08


So after a long day of back and forth with my clients, all accounts are finally back on Valid and running tools :facepunch: appreciate everyone’s feedback as usual!


100+ accounts all valid and working.

Love when I see that.


Works for me also…

But something is strange.
Could you guys check your Dashboard Summary and search for this:

I am seeing hundreds of Login Operations within a few hours.
A few clients get emails from Instagram informing them about the new login.
Two factor authentication does not trigger though.

I am not clearing cookies.
I am not logging out of EB when blocked.


all accounts finally turn into valid mode too. yeah


so you go everyday account by account and if soft blocked you clear cookies or reset device IDs or how do you handle the blocks?


have you checked in your setting “stay logged in in embedded browser?”


Yes if it happens I clear cookies manually.
But don’t have many blocks.


I checked this now, because clients keep on sending screenshots with “new login attempts” that they receive from instagram.
No idea why so many login operations are performed although I do not clear cookies and do not log out when action blocked.

Maybe because a logout is performed when too many EB windows are needed.


thats what iam think too. you can adjust how many ebs are allowed to be open if it closes some he has to login again


Im stuck, when i verify them on embedded browser it goes back to email confirmation.
@DanielAdmin can we log in only in embedded browser?


Try doing it with API.
And if it doesn’t work clear cookies and/or reset device IDs


Did someone try this yet?
Are you having a high number of new logins too?


Hi folks, I never restarted Jarvee and I’m not clearing cookies. Can you give me a tip on why is it a good pratcice to do that?


I’m using the same mobile proxy on one account. After one day, I got 7 days block on Likes and Follows.


You need to start slowly and don’t follow directly when it’s the first time you log to this account with new proxy


Not true! I can follow 70 a day from day one after setting it up already through the app with another 50-60 follows


I can to this too but you will see in few days your account is much more likely to be blocked or banned !


@freys I’ve been doing this for already more than a year… nothing banned or blocked due to this. Please dont write misinformation

Banning comes from doing ALL kinds of actions on the first days. Not just following

Edit: blocks come from basic bot settings or bad proxies. Bans from the same plus bad quality accounts

Edit edit: i make my own high quality accounts. They last forever (with an occassional ban every now and then over a year)


It’s working because you do it since than a year, but try to do this on account who never do follow before and see the result

Yes banning comes from doing ALL kinds of actions on the first days and follow is a kind of this actions

Yes bot settings, bad proxies and bad quality accounts cause the blocks

Make your own high quality accounts is the best but you can’t follow lot of people the first day without issue


@freys Dude are you reading what i said? I just made another 10 accounts and they all run without blocks up to 70 follows. They others i made past week are STILL running ALL BLUE!

I’m STILL running the SAME DC proxies i used when i started. Nothing has been changed (except maybe a few since everyone on the forum was so set on changing it once in a while but for me it made NO difference).

The ONLY accs that got banned were BOUGHT accounts that had NOT been set up properly through the official app first and even then they were still WORSE than my own made accounts.

So what false info are you still spreading around?

DO NOT make conclusions from BOUGHT accounts as they might (and even probably will be) crippled before adding them to the software. From bad quality, bad proxy origin to a bot. Like use your common sense. How can it not be ban ready

This BS is the reason why I hate to still be LVL1 having to debunk all this dumb crap info that lvl1 people are throwing around without testing with HQ SELFMADE ACCOUNTS.

Everyone screaming mobile 4G proxies yet my DC’s from last year are still reaching 200 follows a day without issue :joy:

Lvl2 please come fast. Dont make me reply to this non sense over and over trying to get to lvl2…