Embedded Browser or Api for less blocks?

Hey guys! I’m a few weeks into this automation adventure and feel like I am slowly progressing. my settings were all based on what jarvee support had told me when I was having problems. I then added a few things with the help of the guys in this forum (scrape accounts etc).

I saw a video from a user here and they suggested to use EB and not API to limited the amount of blocks you get. ATM I am getting at least one action block over the 10 accounts I am using.

I changed my setting to the ones in the video and within an hour two of my accounts got follow block and one other just got like block. These three accounts can be quite temperamental so i’m not sure if it was luck or whether the change to EB was a bad decision and my accounts could head down this path.

I am wanting to add ten more accounts soon so I am not sure which to start them on either.


(that’s the video)

It really depends allot on the accounts history. If the account never gets a 1-2-3 days pause of no actions on it whatsoever it screams spam to IG algo. I run 10 accounts in jarvee all 100% EB (except 1 which is a scraper), they’re all good, I don’t do allot of actions on them though - up to 50-100/day total actions on each. I’m planning to scale things up x10 if it keeps going like this. I have a strong feeling that IG goes and blocks accounts that constantly abuse of any of the following actions: DM, F/U, Likes. If you don’t abuse them and you just use them fairly and your account has a good overall history, they won’t hit you with blocks. IG’s intent is not to drive people away from the platform but to keep out the spamers/abusers out, they don’t care about automation at all if it’s done in within their limits. It’s simple once you see it from a different perspective than what you want. Think about what they want as well, since they’re running the show. Fly under the radar and you’ll be fine. Get noticed and they’ll start going after your accounts, bios, ips etc. And they are very good at it since you’re playing in their backyard. You can’t fight it, just learn to play under the rules. 600 F/U day is history, we just need to realize it and adapt & play within the new rules.


Yeah its funny how slow you have to go with newer accounts, i’m getting follow blocks after just 10 follows over a space of hours. Maybe its the accounts i’m using? i’m trying to go as slow as possible but even that seems to get blocks.

Are you just doing follows/ or adding in likes etc as well?

I’ve setup Jarvee to Follow, Like and Unfollow, then watching a few stories of my followings every other day. Keeping it to the basics of what a regula person would do on their platform. Also pausing the tools 1-2 days a week. But it all matters on the account’s creation. I also tested all these casual actions on an account that I’ve bought and limits on it were ridiculously low (like yours). Few actions and then it got blocked. I guess IG sees it was created in US and it’s being used by some IP in Europe. So i’ m creating my own accounts like I did with my others that are working great. Real phone, real 4G IP, Real phone number, u get it. Slowly building my empire, haha.


Do you use a proxy on your actual phone to make them? i’m from New Zealand so that makes finding proxies difficult lol. or do you just find a proxy, a cell phone number etc

To create accounts, I bought a cheap used phone and I put it in airplane mode (the network I’m using has a dinamic IP, so everytime you disconnect from the network like going airplane mode, or just disconnecting from mobile data it gives you a brand new 4G IP). Create 5 accounts, Factory reset the phone, log in with different Gmail account (one that was not previously used in Google play store to download Instagram. Because whenever you download instagram app Google play store gives IG information like your email address and name).

For proxies in Jarvee I use my own, again… cheap android phones, cheap SIM with data, USB-Tethering, all connected to my PC. 1 phone proxy for 5 accounts (didn’t test more, some people run 10 acc/proxy but I think that’s too much). With everything I do I first add the question: How will IG see my actions?


how do you link your own phone as a proxy in jarvee?

USB tethering on (on the phone) in PC you will get a new internet connection. 192.168.xx.xxx, you add that as a proxy in Jarvee, but first you need a software that turns your local IP address into a HTTP proxy.

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Oh cool. is there a guide on how to do that?
I made 5 accounts a few weeks ago from my actual phone before I found out you could buy them, so could try use them

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Not saying don’t buy accounts, there are people using bought accounts successfully here on the forum, and I don’t have a guide… this is all from my marketing experience I gathered through the years buddy. Cheers!


You can also use an app called Allproxy on your phone.

Some people will say EB is better, others will say API works better on their accounts. You will get different answers from different people.

I suggest you rest those three accounts for at least 24 hours, then switch back to API.

you can try using EB on your new accounts.


oh cool and you can link that proxy to jarvee?

sweet. Will do!

Yes, they will give you a proxy in this format:
just add addr:port in proxy ip:port field in Jarvee, then enter your proxy username and password.

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Only issue i had when i used apps to convert the phone’s internet into a proxy server was the Speed issue, How is your speed ossi? compared to having it the old fashion way (USB-tethered). Ty

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Do you just ring them up and ask them? What do you say if they ask why you want it open?

I sent an email, no reason given. Done in a day.

I just checked these apps up. The first one allproxy is fishy, only 1k downloads + opening my connection to them (I would not recommend it unless no other options are available).

And Servers Ultimate is 7 days free trial. While having my phone in hand, USB tethering is still a better way especially if you have multiple phones for multiple proxies.

And I previously used Proxy Droid, it was ok but the speed was awfull, I guess the data goes through their server first, or I’m not sure why the speed was so awfull anyway.

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Have you been able to create more than 20 accs? There are many more this that need to be spoofed when creating accounts - I used to rate hundreds manually and it was a very lengthy process.

“Every Proxy” is also nice. Very easy to setup, works great and is free.