Embedded Browser vs API 2020

I am confused reading previous thread about , what its like EB vs API in 2020?

The best way to find out is to test on your account. Use the EB first and only switch to API when you get blocked by IG. If you don’t get blocked, just continue using the EB.

I personally find EB better for my account.

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Im with ossi, i only use EB because its more difficult to ig detect jarvee.

Haven’t used the API for the last 9 months, I definitely agree that starting with EB and evaluating as you go makes the most sense.

Yeah, it depends from account to account. For some I am using EB for other API. I think it’s best to test both and see what’s working better for you.

you can start with API full emulation first, start slow and make sure that you are using scrapper accounts then see how it goes, if you get blocked there you can switch to EB. one more thing you can try the new contextual actions option, it made things much better.

API works flawlessly if you created the account on JV. Otherwise, it’s a hit and miss.

It doesn’t need to mean necesarily. I’ve created account outside of Jarvee and it’s working with API. I am using Scrapper account method and now am using this new thingy called contextual actions. It’s doing the job for me.

what do you mean by hit and miss? you mean blocks?

Yes. Lately, some accounts that were working fine (didn’t change anything), are now getting hit. Clients don’t login to the account, I can see under “recent logins”, so it’s Instagram’s algorithm that’s just going berserk.
No matter if full api, some api or full eb.

While others that are the above, same settings, some even sharing IP, have no problems.

All accounts are different niches, so couldn’t say this or that niche.

Are you using scrapper accounts? as you know using scrapper accounts help reducing API calls made from the main account, did you try the contextual actions?

What are the contextual actions?

The search function always helps :wink: How to use Contextual Actions function - Jarvee Tutorial


I recommend you check out this thread below for more info on what the EB/API is