🤖 [VOCABULARY] Botting Lingo - Can You Speak Like An EXPERT Botter?


Hey, everyone! I wrote up a beginner’s cheat sheet including all of the botting jargon I could think of. I would love for you guys want to add/revise any information (I could be wrong on some things as I’m mostly self taught).

But I thought maybe it’d be cool if I added to the community with a Glossary.

Enough of me, here’s the glossary!

Instagram Bot:

  • A program that performs actions like following, liking, commenting, saving, story viewing, posting on behalf of a human.


  • A program that automates solely the scheduling of posts.


  • A place where we run an instagram bot instead of running it on our home computer (for our purposes, it is basically a “computer” you can connect to remotely).

Virtual Private Server (VPS):

  • A VPS also known as a (Virtual Private Server) is a virtual machine provided by a web hosting company. A VPS runs its own operating system (OS) and provides admin rights and root access so that you can install any required software. You have more control with a virtual server.

Dedicated Server:

  • A server that is generally not shared among many users.
  • VPS Hosting is similar to shared hosting where multiple websites share the resources present on a single physical server. The difference between Dedicated Server Hosting and VPS Hosting are the restrictions placed on who can use the resources and limitations on physical resources (CPU, RAM, etc.).

Microsoft Remote Desktop Client:

  • A Tool to connect via our home computer (like a macbook) to connect to our server 24/7 where we run our Instagram Bot.


  • A numerical address assigned to every user on the internet. Ex:

IP Address Types:

  • This refers to whether the IP (i.e. string of numbers) is either IPV4 or IPV6.

IPV4 Example

IPV6 Example


  • For our purposes, it’s an IP. We use proxies when running large numbers of Instagram accounts to mask our IPs. There are many categories and types of proxies -see proxy video- Types include mobile, residential and data center.

HTTPS Vs. Socks:

  • Different ways to connect via proxies. For Instagram Botting, we want to focus on purchasing HTTP proxies not Socks or Socks5 proxies.


  • An application program interface (API) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. Basically, an API specifies how software components should interact.When we are performing actions through the app, we say we are performing actions via the API.


  • This is a PHP library which emulates Instagram’s Private API. This library is packed full with almost all the features from the Instagram Android App. This includes media uploads, direct messaging, stories and more.


Embedded Browser:

  • A browser we can use inside a bot. For our purposes, an Embedded browser is simply a web browser (like Google Chrome) that we can use to perform actions on instead of going through the API i.e. the app. This is sometimes advantageous to use if experiencing blocks via the API. The theory behind why it works is because Instagram is not able to track as much data as they do through the API and determine if we are a bot or not a bot.


  • Not talking about blue checks here. We are talking more specifically about email or phone verifications which Instagram issues to prevent botted traffic.

Virtual Numbers:

  • Phone number providers we can rent online to phone verify our instagram accounts on.

Trust/Health Score:

  • Instagram‘s hidden metric, which determines your profile’s functionality in the Instagram algorithm and how “real” or “human” your profile is… It is a hypothetical number we use to refer to an accounts ability to be trusted via the Instagram algorithm (can’t be calculated by us). The higher the trust score, the less blocks, verifications, or even likelihood of bans an account receives.

Action Block:

  • When Instagram blocks you from performing an action. Most common blocks people generally receive are Like & Follow Blocks but in theory there can be a block for any type of actions on the instagram platform like posting, commenting, direct messaging, and even story viewing.

Like Block:

  • A block that prevents you from liking a post.

Follow Block:

  • A block that prevents you from following users:

Fake Block:

  • This is a block that shows inside an automation tool but you are still able to for example “Like” the post through the API or embedded browser. Sometimes just turning the settings on the tool you are running “on-to-off” will fix this.

API Block:

  • A block that occurs through the API or app inside Instagram but where you can still like/follow through the embedded browser.

(EB) Embedded Browser Block :

  • When you are blocked through the embedded browser, but not through the API.

Posting Block:

  • When you are blocked from posting either manually or within an automation tool. We also refer to posts where the caption is blocked as a post block as well even though the content is posted, but the caption does not grow through.

API (Login or Sentry) Block:

  • A block that prevents you from logging an account in via the API and even sometimes the embedded browser.

Soft Blocks:

  • This happens when you like a post and the heart turns red then white. This also happens with saves if they do not highlight or comments not showing up from other devices. Usually I notice “soft blocks” when going through the API and “hard” blocks when going through the Embedded Browser.

Action Blocked Message (Hard Block):

  • A message that pops up saying you cannot perform actions until _______.

Account Compromised Message:

  • A message that pops up when automating your account that forces you to reset your password.

Password Reset:

Resetting the password. This sometimes fixes login blocks inside automation tools.

Verification Loop:

  • A loop where you get stuck in the phone/email verification status. Sometimes Instagram will not send the 6 digit codes or they will send them to you via text/email but the correct 6 digit code does not let the account verify.

New/Aged Accounts:

  • This refers to the age of an instagram account. New accounts are freshly made while older accounts are referred to as “aged” accounts. Generally, “aged” Instagram accounts are a minimum of 2 weeks to 2 months old while I’ve seen some sellers list accounts as old as 6-7 years old.


  • This refers to using { } to close off possible phrases and we separate possibilities via the bar | . We use spintax to change messages up so that we are not DM-ing or Commenting the same text. An example of this to say the phrase “Hello, how are you?” would be like this.

{Hello|Hey|Hi|Howdy|Greetings}! I saw your {profile|page|IG|account|Feed} & I was {wondering|wanted to ask|curious}, {how are you|how r u|are you doing well| how’s life|what’s up today}?

Disabled Account (Ban):

  • This is when Instagram disables an account for breaching their terms of service. Instagram automation is a breach of TOS. However, getting your account back depends on why you were banned. Usually it is pretty easy to get an account back that was banned for automation, while copyright, nudity, and bullying are more difficult.

Device IDs:

  • A 64-bit number (as a hex string) that is randomly generated on the device’s first boot and should remain constant for the lifetime of the device. (The value may change if a factory reset is performed on the device). Resetting the device IDs registers to Instagram as signing in from a new device (but it can be on the same IP). Generally, I only recommend resetting device IDs if you are having issues logging/verifying your account inside an automation tool. You can also switch the device IDs to the Device ID of a mobile proxy you are using so that things look more “organic/real”.


  • This refers to collecting information on Instagram (or off IG) and sending it directly to a tool to perform actions like reposting, following ect. With specific tools, you can scrape posts, sources, or even set up scraper (feeder) accounts in order to save the number of API Calls

API Calls:

  • whenever you make a call to a server using APIs. For example, every time you log in, comment from your computer or an app, you’re making an API call.

Warm Up

  • The process of ramping actions up incrementally until you reach your desired total. A good and slow warmup process will assist in running accounts more smoothly and decrease the numbers of blocks or verifications you will receive.

Slave/Child Accounts:

  • Accounts used primarily to grow or support a main account.

Mother/Slave or Master/Slave:

  • A strategy used to “growth hack” by setting up niched pages to push traffic to the main page you want to grow. Most often, these pages show no indication or connection to the mother page and primarily use DMs. Abbreviated as M/S, or called parent/child method.


  • An Instagram Bot that is in my opinion the best public bot on the market. Jarvee is updated weekly, has the most features, and allows you to target deeper than any other public instagram bot available. The Embedded Browser that comes with Jarvee has become increasingly important to bot effectively as botters are receiving issues while going through the API (most bots do not have an EB).


  • An Instagram bot that is rarely updated but simple and effective. FL was one of the first Instagram bots publicly available and was a favorite of mine before switching to Jarvee.


  • Instagress was the largest cloud based instagram bot on the market before publicly closing down because of a cease & desist from instagram.

Datacenter Proxies:

  • These are the lowest quality, cheapest proxies for instagram botting. They are easily detected by Instagram and trace back to hosting companies but still effective for certain purposes like scraping. I do not recommend you run your accounts on datacenter proxies unless it has very high trust.

Residential Proxies:

  • These are proxies that trace back to an Internet Service Provider (ISP). In the USA, ISP’s are Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Spectrum, ect. If you are at your home connected via wifi, then you are on a residential IP.

Mobile Proxies

  • These are proxies that trace back to mobile carriers and use data. Mobile proxies are the highest trusted proxies because the majority of users on Instagram are on their phone, as well as you are sharing the IPs with hundreds or even thousands of real users which make it much more difficult for IG to track whether you are a human or a bot.

Error Code 508

  • “Code error 508” means that the account or action is considered SPAM by IG and is blocking the like or follow.


  • A shadowban is the act of blocking a user from the community in such a way that they don’t realize they’ve been banned. An example of this is not ranking for hashtags. The Shadowban exists to deter users from a specific kinds of behavior—and if often attributed to automation, spammy, inappropriate, or even abusive behavior.

Hope it gets tons of saves/bookmarks and when you read great piece of advice, you can refer back here and understand exactly what they mean because using one of these “fancy” botting words.

Let me know any terms or definitions for revisement if you’d like to add to this! :slight_smile:


Thanks for putting this together for the newer peeps getting into the industry, looks like you put a lot of time into it! :hearts:

Here’s another term to add into the list: error code 508

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Updated, but it you have a better definition then I’m happy to take contributions (even removals or corrections)!

Incredible thread - awesome job

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Thanks, I appreciate the nice words! I hope it helps some!

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Yes! @Paradox you did a tremendous job with this glossary. A HUGE thank you.
You put a lot of time and effort into this post and it is much appreciated.
I also agree with @Jovsto wishing someone could make a glossary of error codes.
I am constantly encountering 508 and no one can tell me what it is or how to solve it.
JV just says 508 could mean many different things

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Thanks for the kind words. Much of the botting knowledge isn’t layed out but alot of it is on here if you creep around. I think a Glossary of Error Codes is a great idea!

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When I was a kid I used to bot video games haha.

But I’ve been botting IG for ~ 2 years now.

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