Engagement super down, don't know how to fix it

So, I have been through the ringer with instagram this year.
I spent a good portion of my time trying to figure out how to get my engagement up on my personal account that has around 30K. My posts used to get up to 8,000 views in a week. Now, I’m lucky if they break 1000K views.

Possible reasons:

I used Jarvee for likes for about a month, then switched to Creator and they were like “It seems like you gave your login info to a 3rd party service.” So, I promptly quit all the jarvee stuff altogether. That was around 2 or 3 months ago.

8 months ago, I removed around 6K followers “ghost followers” deleted them all in mass. It seems like that was a huge mistake on my part.

I also stopped posting for like 8 months while I focused on building up a separate business niche account. That one is flourishing, but I care more about my personal account.

And, I still have 30K followers.
None of them are fake, as far as I know. I have done a few instagram lives recently. I’ve started uploading to IGTV as well. But, it seems like I’m really not reaching people. I’m not sure what else to do now.

I did all this in an effort to boost my engagement, and really ended up with quite the opposite result. If anyone here has any advice or words of wisdom to share, I would appreciate the help.


I have a 100% Manual grown account at 25k, high quality original content posts, never used any f/u, black or gray hat, it used to consistently hit 3k likes per post and sometimes 4-5k, suddenly it’s at 1000, a struggle to get to 2k.
I think that people stopping to see likes all over the platform had a big impact on general engagement, though my reach which used to be 10-15k now is at 6-8k
This source seems to agree with that
It’s definitely really frustrating especially when you put so much effort to always stay clean and play by the rules.

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Not visible likes means people no longer want to engage, as the “race” is over and if you’re not well known brand or person people have trouble with examining if it’s worth liking or not when they have no guidance with the number of likes.

One way to revive engagement is a group of real accounts that will be your fans and they need to interact with your main. You need full control over them, the group has to be large and all those accounts should be normal users doing average shit. Send DM’s to new followers. Like your followers posts (small accounts only).
On top of that mother slave accounts BUT target your own followers, so they will discover you again, be excited about how you grew since they last saw your post in 2012 and hopefully purchase your wondeful product :crossed_fingers:t3:


idk what type of page of you have but it wont hurt if you can share your follower’s post in your stories so you push them to engage with you then you engage back and thats a big link of fanship you doing in the algo’s eyes i dont know how much you should repost in your stories but the higher number the better chances

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what will happen bro is following:

your Engagement and reach will be dropping more and more
then Instagram will tell you 10 times a day
“Hey, want your engagement to be higher? - Boost your post starting from 2 USD per day”


The answer is the inactivity for 8 months. Any accounts that become inactive for a period longer than a month needs to go through a revival period to get back engagement and explore space. I think it’s because people forget why they follow you and unfollow when content appears cause it’s no longer relevant

Tastes change pretty quick and if you’re a niche that isn’t interesting anymore it takes time to rebuild


It’s a singing/musician account. Hopefully if I keep posting regularly again, they will come back. It seems like you are telling me there’s a chance that might happen.

Yup maybe not to the extent before but I believe revival is possible, also don’t rule out the possibility starting again sometimes it’s really less stress if you do

Good luck!

The reach in my main account has gone to hell, like 60% down.

I think Instagram is doing what Facebook did a few years ago, it will be impossible to grow soon and you will only get traffic through ads.

That’s been the theory for a while and seemed to be happening in slow motion as they would slowly integrate the worst possible page features from FB to IG, but the past 5 months have been a literal clamp down after the CEO’s left (which is likely the reason for their departure among other things) and it’s only going to get worse.

Personally I expected this to happen but not so swiftly. It sucks for sure, but someone will have to take over somehow, otherwise it’s the end of the style of social media we were all addicted to.

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Yeah this drastic drops for no reason make no sense at all.

I agree with you, my personal accounts are just totally fucked. On top of that, it’s impossible to even use the app manually with constant errors like “Sorry, please try again later” nonsense when just trying to view your own following list on home WiFi.

They’ve truly ruined their own platform and it’s just pathetic from a business point of view. I really hope people start abandoning it, and both their profits and users drop drastically so they can realize how badly they screwed up.


That right there, tells me, ya crippled your account. See, they might not like or comment – often they save or dm posts too.

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Not that I have any evidence with my tiny accounts, and this is purely theory, but it makes sense from the paranoid FB/IG perspective. If an account does mass “anything” be it viewing a million stories, following 5000 users or blocking 1000 per day, they instantly place it into purgatory, sometimes permanently maybe?

From my own personal account, I blocked about ~800 users out of 5k at the time, and since then both engagement and follower growth has been unbelievably bad. It’s never really recovered and the silly thing is that the accounts I removed were entirely bots/fake follower types with 0 photos, no profile photo and 6-7k followings. Clearly spam from before the days of automation, but nonetheless the purge triggered something permanently that I’ve never been able to escape. My ER has never recovered, and the account has been sailing away like a viking funeral ever since.


Yeah, I removed the same kind of followers.

so that automatically means that if it’s done well not 5k block in 1 week just make it lowly and lower amount it will not ham account no ?

Can we stop propagating this theory?
They’ve been testing hiding likes for a while and it hasn’t impacted engagement.

It’s borderline stupid when IG still pulls their engagement numbers to support the value of their platform.
Imagine them going “yeah, we made some changes and now people no longer want to engage” to their investors.

I know this forum likes conspiracy theories, specially the ones where IG is actively trying to make their platform worse because they don’t like to make money, but sometimes it’s not even logical.


For me what’s logical is that people won’t interact with your business promoting content what will reduce it’s reach what will lead to **you ** giving up and purchasing ads.

I’m not saying this to convince you, just my point of view on things and you have a right to have your own. Data and sales will show.

No, none of those numbers mean anything, it’s just my generalization/theory on how they react to automation. Or what could be perceived as such, but it’s not any metric to base anything on.