Engagment groups ruined instagram organic reach?

Hello everyone! I would know if it is true that doing a long time as an engagment group like organic reach is seriously ruined (and how) and if so how can I “fix” the situation, thank really!


we managed to grow an account form 0-100k followers in less than 2 months by working with Instagram based DM groups.

We only had 3 groups, each one with 6-10 other members.

However, some of the content has over 400k views.

So i doubt that DM groups harm your reach :slight_smile:


I think if it is viral content , then the engagement groups are fantastic. However if you are trying to grow a niche specific account or personal page then yeah … it will kill your contents reach, take a look at your discovery page , is the content similar to your niche or very random?

Can you explain me how did you work with DM groups? And how did you find pages to work with? Please
However i mean telegram groups where there’re like 700 people!
DM groups with 6/10 member are a different thing where you have huge accounts that like your content, no?

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The account is of one of my clients, he know that i’m using “engagment groups”, he have a sunglasses brand “bobsdrunkofficial” on instagram, the problem is that he want that i use all the times these groups but i don’t think that is good for the organic engagment…what do you think about it? I’m using theme from july for every post…!

it was hard work and took us 10 months of preperation.

basically we grew 1 account to 120k within those 10months and during that time just spoke to pretty much every single account in the niche which we chose.

then we leveraged the connections to boost a new account just to prove that its possible to grow accounts legaly, without using bots / buying followers or any of that dodgy stuff


So you grew the account just with the dm groups?:slight_smile:

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yes, exactly :3

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I’d say lookup hashtags in your niche and scroll until you find a nice looking post, if the account checks out and it looks like they know what they’re doing then send a message asking if they want to be a part of a DM group. I’ve heard some DM all of their followers asking the same but that seems like you’d annoy a lot of people…

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Where did you find those groups? Are they like only, telegram based, comment pods via DM, etc? Can you please specify! Thanks in advance.

I am in several DM based comment pods and it is not benefitting my engagement rate.

no no…

strictly no pods & no telegram!
talking only about DM on insta. :slight_smile:

hi, could you share some of those groups please?

wow thats lot of work :expressionless:

ofcouse it harms, the whole instagram is basicly “fake” right now
instagram is plastic not organic in any way

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you calling it organic? :smile:

It seems like since the massive IG hack several weeks ago and the mass cleansing of accounts by IG, that engagement has fallen off a cliff and maybe this is now a reflection of the real engagement? Maybe it’s a little less “plastic” now?

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My Engagement has got down without using EG groups, other advanced users were telling that always that someething like this happen Engagament in general get lowers for all accounts :slight_smile:

yeah i call it organic :slight_smile:

have 3 DM groups with a total of 22 members. no additional pods or anything, no like boosts or anything like that.
grew from scratch to 100k in less than 2 months by having ~20 people comment on my posts.

If that’s not organic then tell me what is organic in your opinion.

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well the comments and likes from this people are not organic ofcourse, you force it
in the second of point of view the followers you got from this exposure method are organic

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and the rest 10.000 likes and several hundreds of comments and the 300.000++ views on video uploads :smiley: