Error - Repost! Error code: 550 - Cannot execute because you don't have any valid IG accounts logged in via API to

I’m not able to REPOST any content due Error code: 550.

Does anyone know how to solve this?

Looking forward to your replies.

Best Regards

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The error code 550 will show when you don’t have any account logged via API (in case you have the USE ONLY EB on all your accounts), also, it will appear when you are using this option below and you have no accounts there or the accounts that you entered are not valid or have the USE ONLY EB checked.

So make sure that you have accounts logged via API or uncheck that option and see how it goes.


Great explanation @Luca, I wanted to add to what you said,
Even if you set this up correctly, for example, if you have 2 scrapers and 5 main accounts, you may get this error too as the scrapers may be busy scraping for other accounts. So make sure you have enough scrapers to keep up with the main accounts.


Hello @Luca & @Hadi,

Thank you for your follow up.

PS I currently trying to setup Scraper & Main accounts to work properly.

Is that option necessary to be checked if I want Scrapers & Main accounts to work correctly?

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Yes this is required,
I have an article on the matter, it should answer your questions. Feel free to comment on that thread with any questions, or DM me if you are having any issues.


I’m just trying to have a jarvee account use follow actions using only the embedded browser. I get this same message. I’ve tried looking through a lot of the settings. Very frustrating.


The slave account should use API not EB,
fix that setting and report back if it works

the beauty of that option “when executing any tool…” is that you don’t need to set everything on the scrapper account you can just add all the sources and settings on the main account and make sure that you have some scrappers added to that option then star the tool, what Jarvee does is, for every API call that the main account need, the scrapper account will execute it, that way your main account will stay safe, also keep in mind what Hadi said about the number of scrapper, you need to have enough of them.

Ive been having the same issue as you since yesterdays update

embedded browser following, unfollowing and contextual worked i had no scrapper accounts just followed followers if targer accounts.

Embedded browser has been a lot safer for me than api so im also looking for a fix

Still doesn’t work.

Did you add your follow sources on your main account or scrapper account?
If you add follow sources on your scrapper account, you need to uncheck this option from Settings > Social platforms > Instagram:

I added follow sources on the main account.

I have three scraper accounts all set up to use Full API Emulation. Two main accounts with 35 Follow sources set to use EB only. The main accounts work fine by themselves using API. If I set the Main accounts to use EB only, this is where the problems start. Since the update I haven’t seen the error 550 anymore, but now its telling me that all my sources are invalid… When they work if I don’t use @Hadi 's scraper method.

I was facing the same error message then realized that all the scrapers were in night mode.
I removed the night mode on one of the scrapers then immediate EMAIL CONFIRMATION loop (the one driving to the help page).

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Haha. I literally just went thru the same thing, and couldn’t figure out for the life of me wtf the problem was. Then noticed all scrapers were on nightmode(not sure why that was, they weren’t supposed to be). As soon as I turned off night mode, they started performing normal.

Anyone have this issue with Full API Emulation for F/UF?

I have been talking to J as I literally cannot run anything on EB - they are trying to fix it (literally no actions work on EB only), therefore all accounts are API. Its been running smooth but now I get the error 550 code.


What happens when you try and run EB? 550 - is when you’re not logged in via api if I remember correctly.

Select all the accounts that are getting the error, and select relogin accounts. That should log them out of whatever they’re in(api or eb), and then login using api.

Did you manage to fix the issue? how did you get error 550 while using API?

Hi Ossi

So I use API and EB only for main accounts
All scrapers use API

Now my 550 occurred a few days ago, and basically all scrapers had email confirmation. Hence the 550. None of the mains could run.

Had to email verify all the scrapers and once that was valid, my main accounts rain again