Experience with airproxy

Whats your experience with these kind of proxies to this date guys?

I dont want to switch again some proxies but hear a lot of good things or airproxy

I use the 4g mobile proxies oh socialgrowth (Henry C)

Do you think it is a big difference between the 4g mobile proxies and the ‘‘dedicated mobile proxies’’ for 70$ each and you can use 10 accounts for them

I get many like blocks and there arent the like blocks

Is there a risk to get banned with 4g mobile proxies doing to many activities? No sexual shit or something different

Edit: Was thinking about the wrong provider.

Do you think you can use really 10 accounts per proxy?

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i use @HenryCooper raw mobile proxies for 10 accounts its been 2 months now without a single block or ban

i would buy 3 raw mobile proxies from henry if i would spend $70 on 1 proxy

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Maybe check out the providers on MPSocial. https://mpsocial.com/c/marketplace

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7$ per account that’s a lot of money you could put 3 accounts for each proxy minimum, with 4G you can create IG accounts, residencial no, both 4g and residencial are good quality. But 7$ thats high price

Heard really good about your proxies one day have to test that!


Edited: Was thinking about the wrong provider.

I think you are confusing airproxy with airsocks.
The first indeed expansive but very clear and provide a dedicated modem, the latter has that wierd pricing as in your screenshot.


Fu**. Ohh boy I am sorry, time to edit my posts.


Checked out the website. Looks like @WannaCryyy is the provider.

Based on the website I would not consider them because there are quite a few… “lies” or untrue things displayed for probably marketing purpose. Maybe @WannaCryyy wants to say something about it :smiley:, but that’s just my first impression based on the landing page. Obviously a landing page with the purpose of marketing probably does not reflect the service quality. Maybe just buy a few and see how it goes. Test, test, test and test even more. They even have a trial, so no risks involved testing.

The aim is to let anybody that doesn’t know the difference between DC and 4G dedicated to understand immediately the benefits of the 4G Vs the DC. My clientele is mostly people that has just approached Jarvee and IG automation so I’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible. However if you see something that based on your experience is not totally correct or should be edited feel free to point it out :slight_smile:


I use modems from airproxy, 10 accs per modem no problems until now.
But this equation is much complex than just proxy, event with the best proxy you’ll encounter problems if not being careful


how many likes do you have daily?

It is a landing page, so I guess there is not much point in changing anything because I have a different opinion about it :smiley:. If you would have a sales thread here I would probably not have said anything at all because ‘conflict of interest’. PM me if you think my post above this is a bit to aggressive, I will edit it.


I don’t have a sale thread here (yet) because I don’t have big operations and have hard times fulfilling the current demand. Hopefully will be able to open one in the next month/s.

By the way it’s totally cool for me if you want to give some suggestions, I don’t mind the conflict of interests. If there is something that doesn’t sound right to you I’m only happy to hear that and improve things as I try to be as transparent and clear as possible, but it’s not easy to explain the benefits of a 4G vs a DC in a couple lines of text to someone that has no idea about different kinds of proxies :slight_smile:

No need to edit anything you said, we have different types of clientele and different needs on the landing page side problably, but as I said, if something is not right from a technical/IG standpoint I’m open to hear and eventually edit. Not in my interests to mislead anyone.

Edit: HC is right about the “no like blocks” and “no login loops” on the LP. Things (and my experience) changed since I wrote that, will edit to “no hard blocks” and remove the other :slight_smile:


Awesome, I have also been using those proxies, they’re awesome! When you say 10 accounts per proxy. Do you mean 10 running at the same time?

If so, I have tried this and I have been getting phone verification on a daily basis.

you have issue with your account quality


Hm, ok, thanks. I made the accounts with android phones on different Mobile IPs. I made them and waited 1 day. Then connected them to the proxy. Waited another day and then started story views.
How long do you warm them up before connecting them?

1 week atleast

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