Explore page hates Hashtags

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I have accounts that systematically reach the exploration page through the engagement groups. I have been trying to put hashtags on my posts(3 accounts) for a week now.

The views have remained at the same level, however what I can notice is that the reach of the publications on the explore page is greatly reduced when I put hashtag, about -20/-30%.

Nevertheless I noticed that people subscribe more via videos with hashtags, I think people are more targeted. So I’m pretty happy with the use of hashtags in the end. :grin:

I would like to know if you too are experiencing this drop in reach on the explore page, and what are your experiences with these famous hashtags?

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Did you used hashtags which fit your reach or did you randomly choose them?

Of course I use specific hashtags, related to the video :wink:


I mean did you used hashtags with a specific range of posts?

Not really I just go to Display Purpose and I copy paste :wink: but I am pretty happy with hashtags. The problem is, when I put hashtag on a video, I have less views from the explore page :wink:

PS : I sent you a private message :wink:

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That is not because of the use of hashtags. That is more because of the use of hashtags with the wrong reach. You have very low chances to get the posts of a 10k account on the explore page with hashtags with over 10 million posts. You have to make hashtag research, either manually or scrape a bunch of hashtags and then use the ones which will support your posts.


1-5k Account:
80% Hashtags with 10-50 k Posts
20% Hashtags with 50-250 k Posts

5-25k Account:
80% Hashtags with 50-250 k Posts
20% Hashtags with 250-500 k Posts

25-50k Account:
80% Hashtags with 250-500 k Posts
20% Hashtags with 500-750 k Posts

With the 80% hashtags you will get your posts in the top posts of the hashtags often when the hashtags are specific to your niche/post (and other parameters as content, cta-caption, etc. are on point). When they will do well, you will also have the chance to rank on the 20% hashtags with the engagement you got from the 80% hashtags. That wont happen everytime and not on every hashtag but when you do everything right often enough. And this is just bonus.


I check my inbox :+1: @RaphaelReborn

Thanks for the reply Joy ! I will try it soon :wink:

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great breakdown!


While I completely agree with most of this, I’ve also had a similar experience as OP.
An account I was running a while ago would get all it’s reach from explore. It wasn’t going viral but that’s where it got the extra reach when a post was performing decently. After I started using hashtags the explore page reach completely 100% stopped, now all the extra reach was coming from hashtags.

There might be something to it?


Wow that’s stunning ! I don’t know how to “correct” this :hushed:

do the hashtags compensate for the views you got from the explore page?

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When you are “playing” to reach the explore you should not use # , that 's because:

No hashtags: The algho it’s free to optimize based on, who interacted with your account, who follows the accs who gave you likes, who have relationship with all the previous, who interact with the subjects in the pic (machine learning)

With Hashtags: The algho will optimize based on who use/follow/scroll that # mixing it with all the hashtags u used + with all the above :point_up:
If u use wrong # you’ll stop the viral effect.
However you are always increasing the variables and requiring more computing power…

So to keep it simple.

Viral Accs: Don’t use # leave the algho free (he’s always better than us to optimize).

Normal Accs: Use relevant hashtags as they will increase your exposure.

-edit- for Viral accs I mean accs that use powerlikes, story sharing etc etc


Thanks for the breakdown, it’s very important to be seen or have a presence in smaller hashtags if you are owning a smaller account than to have a small account and have zero presence in large hashtags.


This is nothing new it’s been going on since early 2018. Some people when using hashtags don’t even get on the explore page but get crazy hashtag reach


Sure Raphael :+1: But my name is Roy :smile:


AHAHA I am sorry, you just make me joyful maybe… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Normal accs are just botting account right ? Thanks a lot for your answer, so much value :innocent:

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Yes, botted/non botted, all the accs that doesn’t use powerlikes, story sharing etc. etc.

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Excellent explanation here! First time ever seeing the insightful breakdown of the reason behind this phenomenon :+1:

One thing though: by viral acc, do you mean accs which post viral videos for example, or just accs using powerlikes? As we all know, powerlikes don’t really work unless you have viral content?

And another thing: do you think a small “viral account” which is pretty new (<5k followers) would benefit from no hashtags strategy also? I know many bigger accounts (>100k followers) don’t use hashtags at all and are growing like crazy, but does the same strategy also apply to the small ones?