Extend Marketplace to LVL1 based on requirements

There are a lot of services like IG acc creation, proxies, and so on that should be in lvl 2. But there are other services that would benefit from the extra exposure from people that are not lvl 2 yet. Is there any chance to extend the marketplace for lvl1 people if the seller meets some requirements? (Like not selling accounts, proxies or things like that?). Most IM forums have the marketplace open for everyone.

PD: im not blaming anyone, just a suggestion to improve the marketplace.


it works in level 2 for a simple reason. scammers –
this is not bhw as anyone can come in and promote a service – most often fraud and downright cons.
so far, the marketplace here has served very very well with high quality products ranging all in the interest of mpsocial. I like it this way as we get good product upon approval 99 percent of the time. the 1 percent often are weeded out real quick.


Why do not I see SMM panels here?
Can you explain it to me?
greetings <3

they are garbage. we tear them apart becuase they they hurt more than help. if you are the type
that needs them – you are in the wrong forum


why buyer cant access? Only level 2 can buy a service from marketplace?

It would be ideal to have a market available for everyone to read, not to add. Adding only for lv2 and above.


it is that way right now. I don’t make the rules so i don’t know why. My guess – protection for us all from quick rich folks and scammers and such. In my view - a very good idea.

How to know what level am I?


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Pretty sure that could be a brutal meme :rofl:

I fully agree. Ive only been on here for a few months now and i see the value that this forum has given us level 1 users already. Now imagine the value at level 2? All good things come with hard work and dedication. Im hoping to get to level 2 someday by helping others on this forum. I suggest you also do your part in helping, and eventually you will get to level 2 too. The satisfaction of getting to level 2 will be so much more worth it too, knowing you earned it. Good luck!

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