Facebook Ads help, am I doing some thing wrong?

I am a little stuck and trying to get my head around facebook ads, I have indeed created a few campaigns in the past and not really had any joy and I am hoping you can help.

  1. I created an ad for local service business in my area to look at my services, so I created a target area, I then chose those with fb pages which I though would be reasonably good, obviously not or did i not give it enough budget? Any ideas what I could do better?

  2. I also created another so I scraped a well known directory of local business that were in my area and got all mobile numbers and uploaded them into my ads, again still nothing??

I used a carousel and though I got some engagement its not lead to any business, admittedly I haven’t spend a fortune and maybe more time is needed…

Any help greatly appreciated.

Can you give a few more details on what you are trying to achieve? I will try to give an answer based on what you have written.

From what I understood your goal is to show your local service to companies in the area, right? Let me explain based on an example: Your service is about the topic of “online marketing” and you are based in the city of Rotterdam. I’d set up the first ad with target “traffic” to a landingpage where you implement the fb pixel. Then target this ad to people living in Rotterdam, that are interested in the topics of “online marketing” + business related identification characteristics (f.E. interested in business bank accounts, tax consultants, …). In a second ad I would use the data generated through the first ad and the pixel to built a lookalike audience to target and retarget the people (and people like these) that interacted with your first ad.

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Yes I have done this and failed, whilst I realise maybe my ad copy isn’t great however the implementation is what you have described, however I haven’t done the 2nd part so ill try that.

Is there a way to target particular business pages of choice?

If you like to, you could share the exact setup of your ads, the budget spent and the results. This will make optimizing a lot more easy. Facebook Ads is a big topic and there are many small things, that can be the cause for bad results.

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Ok, probably the best thing was to start again with the guidance of yourself. So i have updated a traffic ad and I am targeting mobiles that I have scraped from web pages of the services I want to target, currently it only has around 2,000 linked with facebook but ill increase that over the next few days.
I have no added settings apart from located within 50 mile radius.

Did you generate any traffic or impressions with this ad setup?

previously yes, should I start a completely new one?

Okay, first what’s business service that you advertise?
in my experience what you need is

  1. Business owner phone number, not the business phone number.
  2. Email of the business owner
  3. You should try to create the database with pixel and of course you will spend some money on it.
  4. In the ads, you should give pleasant explain what’s your business and discount to increase the engagement. Why? because people play FB/IG is not to buy something they saw around so you should give them a reason why they need to click your ads)
  5. You can cold be calling the business with the phone that you have after you get some contact of business owner maybe you can create LLA campaign)
  6. You run the conversion ads with a focus on the business owner and 5 miles from your location.

That’s some advice from me because I create ads for my agency too.
Thanks and good luck
Best regards, Adrian.

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Hi, my business is creating websites and I want to increase leads.

Just like any other product or service the customer is only going to buy if they understand the value of the purchase. When selling website services, there are many selling points that a salesperson can target.

The easiest start is by looking for locel business’s that doesn’t have a website It is likely that they would like to get one , so be sure to show them how there current business could be improved by going online with there business !

  • A website is a 24/7 marketing tool for a small business, allowing them to promote their brand without extensive effort
  • A website drives customers to your storefront. Consumers are searching for businesses online every single day and 50% of mobile website visitors are visiting the store within one day
  • A website helps a business establish credibility with various people. Banks look to company websites when providing business loans, and customers look at company websites before they make an in-person visit

OK, so ran the ad for one day and here are the results…I am interested to know what more I can do, can I from these create a lookalike audience, an d what exactly is a lookalike audience?

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Cost per Click (CPC) ist pretty high with a bit more than 4 pounds. Have you set up a Facebook Pixel on the page you are driving traffic to?

It is very hard to give you real help because there are too many missing links:
How does your ad look like
How exactly did you set up the ad in the ad manager
In what city / region are you advertising
How does your landing page look like
What is your lead generator
Have you set up analytics and fb pixel
And a few more

What you should do before spending any more money on these ads is:

  • Put together a decent and fast landing page with a clear CTA
  • Set up Analytics and FB Pixel
  • Do some research on what ads your competitors do
  • Build an ad that transports one clear message in a blink of an eye
  • Set up the ad in FB with goal “traffic > landing page clicks” and put together your targeting
  • Run this ad for a few days with light budget (20 pounds maybe)
  • Analyze everything! Performance of the ad, what do the visitors do on your site, do the convert, how many leads are you getting, …

And with all of this knowledge you will advance further.

If you like you could share what you are ad setup and design before going live here. So I can give you some feedback before you invest more money.


  1. the ad was setup as traffic
  2. I am looking to advertise in a 50 mile radius
  3. Landing page pretty standard
  4. Not sure what you mean by lead generator??
  5. G Analytics & Pixel is setup

Here is my ad, its a carousel, I think its 2 the point, I originally had 3 ads and this got the most clicks, so i have switched to this today and removed the other 2.


Yesterday were ÂŁ4 a click, today thus far its ÂŁ3

Okay, on the first glance here are my thoughts:

  1. The image of the ad isnt really good. Too much text (plus it gets cut of) and I can’t find a clear message. What do you want to sell to me? If its websites, then showcase a website :slight_smile:
  2. There is no real CTA. Why should I click on this ad?
  3. This is where your “lead generator” comes into place. You have to make people an offer, that they are interested in to make them click and convert.
  4. Since you want to sell websites, here is my idea: Create an Ad that is focused on this topic: “Why it is more expensive to not let a professional built your website in the long run” (dunno of this copy text is really good… could use improvement for sure)
  5. After clicking the ad the customer will get to a landing page that explains clear and short why its more expensive to have a bad website that was not built by a professional
  6. Addtionally you offer a download (eBook f.e.) that gets into more detail: “How a professional website can help you x10 your sales in only 3 months”
  7. To get the download, the customer has to give you his name, email and phone number. Tada: This is your lead generator
  8. Now that you know who this guy is you can put him into mail funnels, call him, visit him, make him special offers, … and so on

Hope this helps

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Yes the light bulb is starting to burn brighter. However the ad does say “Pay Monthly Websites, Spread the cost of a website, limited availability.” The landing page headline website from £xx per month and this is what you get. The landing also has a get a call back with in 60 seconds!!

However I get where you are coming from in terms of warming them up a little before hitting them over the head with a buy now…

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Just thing about what is more likely to happen:
Your ad reaching a potential customer right in that moment he is making the decision to pay for a new website
Your ad reaching a potential customer he is asking himself why he should pay for a new website

Most of the time it will be the second case. He is trying to solve a problem: Why the hell should I spent a lot of money on a stupid website? So help him solve it and explain to him why he will be losing more money in the long term if he does not spent money on a new website. After this he will not think about why to spent but when and where :slight_smile:

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Brilliant thank you. So the clicks that are happening, how does the lookalike audience work? Is that matching those that are also interested in a website?

Basically what a lookalike audience does is taking the information collected by the fb pixel and searching for more people like the ones, that clicked on your website. This is another reason, why you should put a clear message into your ad.

If you manage to make about 500-1000 people click on an ad that tells them why they should invest in a decent website fb can put together a pretty good lookalike audience. But you need some numbers. It wont work with 10 people :wink:

Oh and here is something that you could also do: Target people that liked squarespace (or some other website builder) in your region and show them an ad that says something like this "your individual website built by professionals for the cost of 1 year squarespace membership (copy needs improvement - this is just a quick idea).

Yes very good, does the pixel only target users through Facebook or is it anyone that lands on the landing page from any other source like organic?

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