Facebook Groups are no longer making me rich

For years I have had a love and hate relationship with Facebook. I have gotten more traffic from them than any social media platform out there. But at the same time, they have destroyed a lot of my work.

I created a group titled “Job Opportunities Work From Home”. The group was at almost 150,000 members and getting more than 2000 member request per day. Facebook later deleted the group. It took me more than two years to build that group.

I was not too upset because there was another group I was working on that got even better results than the group just mentioned. It was getting almost 5000 member requests per day. This group became plagued with bots and post jackers, but Facebook did not take down this group. Instead they stopped recommending my group. Now I get less than 300 member request per day.

I still have one group that gets more than 2000 member requests per day, but Facebook will eventually kick that one over.

Thus, I am considering 100% paid advertisement. Is there anyone out there using generic Facebook groups to generate traffic?

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im really sorry to hear that. i guess facebook won and make you convert as a paid advertiser.

Facebook is a bitch nowedays,it got very strict and the upcoming US Elections have made them more strict.

Also things are not easy now with facebook,you should always have a backup plan whenever something goes wronng because facebook works according to their needs lol

I once read: Never build your company on another companies platform. What would it be like if you had asked those 150,000 members for their email address and put them in a mailing list?

I have the same feelings about Instagram. So much people trying to grow their account. While the goal should be to take them away from Instagram and into your mailinglist.


That’s one good idea but another good idea is to cross-promote your audience into different social medias so if not gets stuck,you still have your audience.

With all social media things go wrong.

Twitter was nice, a very long time ago. But now almost useless.

Lots of people invested in likes for their FB pages. It used to be nice. But now if you post your reach is almost zero. You need to pay, else nobody will see your posts.

Instagram the same. I just looked at an account with 6.5 million followers. Most posts get 5k to 20k likes. That is a 0,15% engagement rate.

Nothing beats email.

Yes you are right,Emails are cheap but Inboxing is the challenge here.

Also with all social media sites,I mean Whatsapp,Instagram,twitter,Telegram and whatever possible.

Anyways every social media has some challenges to overcome and nothing else.

Dimitri. I see that you are an experienced marketer. You are correct in all your remarks. You should never depend on any social media platform as your sole means for traffic. And email is the best way to promote. I know from experience.

My Facebook Groups are used to direct traffic to my own social media platform. I did this via the Facebook question feature. Using this method, I was getting anywhere between 15 to 30 new members per day on my own social media platform. Now I am getting from 5 to ten new members per day.

Nevertheless, I am still doing OK with an Alexa rank of 110,000…nowhere near MPSocial. But I am climbing every week.

Nothing beats your own site and mailing list.

That said, you need to start on 1 social media platform to gain the original traffic. The reason people are obsessed with growing a following is to gain that first initial traffic.

Can you explain how you were getting so many members? What are your tips for growing a FB group for a local business? thank you!

I have a 50k+ member Instagram engagement group on FB and I dont know what to do with it… I quit IG management a while ago but the group is still growing at a fast pace… im in the same boat :smiley:


The methods I use don’t work anymore. Facebook, not only changed their look. But they don’t give away massive “member request” like they once did. Now I have two Facebook groups with each over 200,000 members. Both of them combined only get 300 member request per day.

I feel you. The bots took over and most people were occupied with the elections. See I run over 50+ groups and have around average 3k members. You can only maximize a niche for so long before facebook decides to cut your throat.

And as said. EMAILS ARE SO IMPORTANT. You could have funneled the active ones right back into a new group without that big of a hassle. If you need help with this, please reach out into my inbox.

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