Facebook number phone problem

hi, i have some problems with fb account. facebook ask for my accounts, checkpoint with number phone, i add number phone to unlock this, i put the sms code and after i add the sms code for unlocking ,facebook ask instantly checkpoint with selfie photo,why this happen?is that normal? ? instantly after add sms code they ask photo selfie …i attached a printscreen with the problem…

Totally normal now. Been happening for the last few weeks.

do you get the same thing?is not normal this…they ask phone number and after put the sms code ask instantly photo selfie…

Yes quite normal. Some selfies are taking weeks now to be approved too. Very strange at the moment and the accounts can still get banned after phone number and selfie.

same problme , choose?

Do you use the phone login to the FB in the past?
If so, you can try to use FB app to login, last one time I face similar iusse not as exactly, use app let me login for FB must marked and trusted the phone if you ever used.
Hope can hlep you.

same problem here …and now? whats happen to my account ? was banned ? do i will recover my account?

hi @Nuno_Rosa ,Checkout this may Help