Facebook photo verfication success story

Hello folks!
i’m new here and as many i got my real account disabled after i uploaded photo. and i have about 10 accs also they stuck on upload a photo of you i don’t want to upload cauze it will get banned as soon as they review it i never passed this test i tried every methods around internet. I tried from several device with or without proxy… Etc i just feel facebook hate me or something lol.
So i am here to ask about what their photo requirements in order to pass this capatcha?
Kindly share your expeirence with this facebook crap.

same problem bro.

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so after 12 days of your last replay did you passed this test so far?

Same here mate. the last two weeks were ridiculous. I go into a fresh account and directly change the photo I cut out of vk or some dating sites. during the warm up period I get the phone verification block. I enter the phone number, receive the code, Fb accepts the code and straight afterwards it requires a photo. Then I upload the same photo I use as profile pic and two days later the account is disabled. I removed md5 data as well and still doesn’t work…I just guess Fb upgraded their photo recognition system and is now scraping all major social media accounts. Once you upload the photo they check they’re database for duplicates and disable your account

You might try this solution posted in the forum.

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yeah i exactly follow the same method also got +10 disabled,
did you use proxies for accounts or you use 1 IP for them all?

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i tried but no luck i used it after 24 hours i got 3 accounts disabled
Facebook became so aggressive

Same, bro. Even tried using Tor, but no success.
I tried more than dozens of times.
Today FB asked, after one week, for a photo. I took one and sent and they refused it. The second try was accepted. I hope it works, because I’m totally tired of creating new accounts and getting suspended every damn time.