Facebook Profile Got Lock and not able to recover!

Hey guys i do fb marketing and i have a profile which has got the new Profile Lock from facebook and i have seen other profiles getting locked and there is an email/phone verification to get the account back but on this profile i am getting the help page

After clicking on learn more i am going to the next page which is this


anyone body else has seen this issue before?

no that’s new for me, did you contact Fb support, you can try that from a business profile and see what they have to say about this block.

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First time seeing it, but I’ve expected that FB could start doing something like that as well.

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Had this today on an account I imported the cookies for rather than log in - I just need to reset the pw.

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Hi jas,
I’m having the same issue, can you explain the procedure that you used and what does pw means?
Thank you in advance


pw means password, there’s an option to verify the account via email/phone to get access to the account again. Do you get the same issue like the op where only “learn more” button is available?


I have an account that got locked. After clicking on Get Started, FB gave me an option to verify the account via phone number. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to the phone number anymore so I can’t enter the verification code. Clicking “See other options” doesn’t help.

I wonder what causes FB to show the “learn more” button on some accounts instead of “Get started” button,

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I’m getting these too, mines requesting the match names to profiles - the account isn`t fully backed up - I’m going to wait the 14 days, hopeful the verification will downgrade or change!

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yes i have also noticed get started and learn more both and mostly after few days we get the email/mobile option to send code or prove DOB.

I have lost a lot of accounts cause FB is not sending the code to email and this was for diff emails gmail, mail.ru, outlook etc

Some accounts were recovered and some just gone.

Also the accounts have a tendency to get locked again and we need to upload pic after proceed to get it back. I have some profiles which have got 4-5 locks till now but are getting recovered everytime

Mostly it is not changing like other blocks which used to go away after a few days or weeks but this lock is just like this until we unlock it have not seen any profile getting away with it without doing anything.

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You get photo verification to open accounts?

You use photos from thispersondoesnotexist for photo verification?

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I’m unsure at the moment as this is a new block, normally blocks are reduced over time 14 days, I’ll feedback if this goes to DOB or if the account stays locked with identify your friends.

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yes it can get photo or id or photo holding id or birthday or email/phone code I have seen all these till now

I have not seen the identify your friends option till now on this new block.

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Yes mee to got the same block, from 2 different aged account.
Usually this you cloud recover easly, the second block ask a picture and you must wait.

Something its changed on fb automation? i always used Jarvee without issues.


sameher but now since they time they have got this new layout and all things have changed a lot and getting a lot of FB blocks which were not there before.

Adventure continue, turned off all the tools on jarvee but still getting block…succesfully recovered…

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what I have noticed is once a profile gets these blocks and they recover they will keep getting lots of these new blocks I have profiles which are recovered 4-5 times till now but they keep running into these blocks especially because jarvee has not implemented turn off tool function for these new blocks and when any small block appears and we keep doing it 4-5 times and get the block it can lock the profile and the whole process starts again.

Go to :

Security Checks Preventing Login (facebook.com)
Must Log In To See This Page Error (facebook.com)
Report a Login Issue (facebook.com)

Fill :
" Hello facebook, maybe this is a serious mistake from facebook, someone deliberately denounced my account which resulted in my identity being verified in a confusing way, I think facebook is doing it wrong when verifying my account, this is my official account. I hope the facebook team spent a few minutes on reviewing and recovering my account. I would like to thank facebook."

And submit 3 link , after 72h , your account will be active

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@dollardude16 @ossi @jas I don’t have any accounts getting locked where I could try these steps… Maybe you can try and let us know how it goes please