Facebook upload photo of yourself issue

Any advise or personal experience sharing would be of great help :slightly_smiling_face:

Background story:
Last 3 weeks i was using one account and everything was fine (page ads manager and facebook was working, no spam or random adding of friends) however the facebook account had no friends and profile picture was a logo same as the page.

Everything was running fine till I made another account on the same pc and ip…and both got requested for photo selfie for verification, which I did, one was a selfie of me, and the other my friend. And both accounts led me to the page saying the photo are under review and I cannot use facebook. It has been for 1 week and both account is still on the photo is still being reviewed page.

Weird how both still gets notifications till this day on their seperate emails suggesting friends which makes me believe the accounts under review are not suspended, just the login.
They both have been suspended saying the picture sent is still under review. (Both these accounts have different emails and phone numbers and names)

After waiting for one whole week and no news from facebook (i have went to login report issue and account issuw report but no reply email as to what is happening) I tried making another account using express vpn and another phone number. (and reformatted the pc)
To my surprise it immediately got photo verification selfie request after the initial setup…so i am wondering if the vpn proxy was bad or it registers device info…

Am thinking of buying aged fb account but not sure if i need to buy new pc or proxy to use with the fb aged account i will be buying.

Or any other advice would be helpful?
I am still shocked how sensitive fb is with making new accounts.

Did you get any email from fb that it is under review?

If yes, email them there asking for update.

you maybe know why i cant find it?

No email received for all 3 accounts, checked spam and junk inbox and no emails. Just the regular facebook notifications mails.

You wont here from FB. You will either be able to login one day or not. They dont communicate with you. This is quite normal now on FB. They dont have recognise friends anymore so this seems to be the new way. Its quite random and doesn’t make much sense. I dont think they are checking it’s the account holder in the pic, they are just checking the pic against other accounts. You need to make profile pics totally unique.

I have just got “recognize friends” trap 2 hours ago :wink:
On really old account, though. I haven’t been using for probably 6 years.

Anyone have any success getting accounts back after this photo selfie upload happens?

Now it’s impossible to create a new FB account using proxy, you’ll have the same issue as you described. The best thing you can do is to buy some aged FB accounts.

Yes but the pic you use must be very unique.

As in the one that comes with the pva account?

Just an update, the account I used with the expressvpn is now disabled. The 1st two accounts are still under review, however I checked the pages of the first 2 accounts and they are gone.

I also proceed to make a fourth one using same device but reformatted it and went to a coffee shop to make it. And it was successful :slight_smile:. Which means the VPN was the issue. So I have decided to buy PVA Aged account to try out my ads.

The one with the account is probably not unique… change it for your own one after a while so you know its unique

Would uploading my own picture be a good idea? It seems if you are running ads in fb, the lifetime of the account can be suspended without notice. (not that i am purposefully breaking FB ad tos)
Once it gets banned wont your picture be flagged in future :frowning:

Was thinking along the line of getting selfies and editing them heavily on photoshop.

Sorry I didnt mean a pic of you. Just a pic that you either make or download and then make sure its heavily edited to be unique. Use Fastsone Image Resizer and look at all the options in the program to use.

Thanks for the info will check out faststone.

How unique? What should I do to make it “unique”?

Use this guide:

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