Fake followers with low drop off

Hi there,

Been using followiz.com for fake followers a lot. Thing is: The followers drop off too much. (when I buy 2k I end up with 1k…)

Any other websites where I can purchase followers which don’t drop off that much? Would appreciate any suggestions!

I use app.likedrip.com

Too expensive for a lot of accounts. I need something cheaper.

use those with stars next to them or more expensive ones. You can’t expect followers not to drip if you are using the cheapest option ($0.40 per 1k)


i have the same problem i have been using followiz for a long time now and i experienced almost 10k followers drop in last 1 day on a client account who had 21k followers… the account is at 11k followers now they dropped suddely maybe their network got hit by ig

also i had used their youtube video likes and they also dropped and they disabled the setion for youtube video likes and refill is also not there now also i saw lot’s of other panels stopped youtube video likes

anyone got any solution to this?

justanotherpanel .com
centercb .org
top4smm. com

Some i use, they all have the same issues!!

I would be surprised if any panel has much better results than followiz. I had about the same success as the OP with it, but I don’t think fake followers ever leads to a really good solution.

Not for clients or any other important accounts. For fake DM accounts wich need likes & followers.

Would never use it for clients

100%, they suddenly dropped off yesterday. Before that it was -20/day. Then suddenly 700-1000

That’s what I tried to use it for as well, but the fall off rate was so bad, even with the more expensive services, that it just wasn’t worth it anymore. Anyway, anyone who looks at the account for more than a second can see there’s no engagement, so not really a good solution. Unless you add fake likes as well, but that’s getting even more expensive. I found it was better to naturally grow an account before and while DMing.

I added fake likes, they are not the problem they are really cheap. 400 likes for 13 posts x 40 accs and I paid maybe 7-8$

Yes, but it’s the drop off that made it a waste of time for me. I’d add 4k and end up with 2 or 1k, and that was with quality accounts. I think in the end, it hurt me because those accounts never brought many results.

i have asked them to refil mine let’s see what they say.

This is a fucked up situation and they dont really talk much on the support

Which panel has the most quality follows with the least drop off? Disregarding price

How long does followiz take to deliver followers after purchase

How long after followers appear do they begin to drop off

When does the drop off become noticeable

How many hours does followiz take to deliver followers after you purchase

You can always purchased the followers which has auto-refill from these SMM panels, this way it’ll refill those followers who drop.

Simply don’t buy fake followers. You’ll create a discrepancy between the number of (fake) followers and the number of likes per post, get spotted by Instagram and ultimately get shadow-banned. I’d recommend you to try Fuelgram, that provides authentic likes and comments and gets you real followers organically.


Instagram has emerged as one of the finest social media platforms for promoting your business products and services. Fake Instagram Followers will cause a massive damage to your brand and there might be a possibility of your business getting shutdown completely.

I’m not sure why you need fake followers, but if you really do I have some thoughts to share.

First of all, I think drop offs are inevitable with those panels as fake accounts get banned from time to time anyways. Unless they offer refill with new followers.

Second, if you are really low on budget but have spare time you can use a platform like bosslike.ru (yes, it’s Russian but you can translate the page) which has its own platform-wide currency. The way it works is that you get points in exchange for engaging with other people’s posts.

You need to have a fake account of your own to do these actions as I don’t think you would like to like/follow random people’s accounts from your main one. After doing some actions you should amass enough points to buy followers. It has a marketplace model, so you decide the price per action, i.e. how many points the account following you gets.

There are definitely more platforms like this too, I just gave you an example I have experience with. Don’t expect quality or any real engagement from those followers though.

Authentic likes? Seriously! :joy: