Fala galera! Brazilian guy here!

Hello everybody,
I just want to introduce myself.
I’m a brazilian guy who started a tiny social media agency focused in Instagram years ago and who still trying to find out the best ways to help my customers develop their businesses. More than ever after the annoying blocks. Trying now to change slowly my focus from automation to develop custom reports. Brazil is a huge market with lots of potencial. We just need to think out of the box.
About my background, I’m not a coder neither came from tech area, I use to work for long time in the financial market but now Im focusing in learn python, data science, machine learning and all those things.
Basically I use Jarvee + dc proxies (didn’t find yet a good mobile proxy provider around here).
I’ve just discovered mpsocial this month, and this is by far the most interesting forum I’ve found since then.
All that said, thank you all for the excellent content we have here, and sorry for my english, it is not my first language.
See you soon!


You’re Welcome! :clinking_glasses:
Just one question, what’s a “tiny” agency?


I mean a very small agency, with only a few customers which came by word of mouth.
This is not my main activity even though I’m working to achieve this level.

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If u already see this, you’ll get it man.
Wishing u success :clinking_glasses:


The numbers are on our side, brazil was ranked second with 66m IG users, we only can’t beat the US (by now). The main challenge for me is to keep the churn rate low but I’m pretty sure there is a lot I can do and improve. I only need to learn how to manage better my spare time to make things work :slight_smile:

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Welcome!! Wishing you much success!

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Welcome and i hope you can what you searching for here.

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welcome here!

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:hugs: Welcome, it’s nice and Friendly here, :tada: Congrats you Found the best community
Looking forward to hearing about your Questions and Ideas Feel Free to share your experiences!
there’s a lot of helpful topics where you will find a lot of very interesting ideas and information’s!

Reading… this will be easy to do ,it’s so worth it! :+1:

Good luck with your journey! :grin:

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Feliz sábado!

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You are welcome

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Welcome and I wish you find everything you need here. It’s indeed the best!
#tmj irmão

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@astronauta de mármore. How is your agency going? :slight_smile:

Paused by now until I figure out how to solve the blocks.

I see … that’s sad

And how about you?

same boat :upside_down_face:

Nice to meet you! Welcome to the forum.