Fast way to post content on slaves

  1. Set up a Pinterest account
  2. Add it to social profiles in Jarvee
  3. Find a good feed that suits your niche on Pinterest
  4. Campaigns – overview – check “make images unique before they are posted” so creator is less likely to find it.
  5. Campaigns – What to publish – Scrape posts – Add Pinterest source
  6. Use your account under “account used to extract”
  7. Check “send posts to drafts”
  8. Click “get x to draft” when you want 3 more photos (x can be made higher than 3)
  9. Send what you want to campaigns from draft (quality control)

This is exactly how I do it but with IG sources. Are you posting Pinterest images on IG?

This is also what I do… I also spintax my captions and hashtags using an excel funtion so I can spin 300 tags at a time. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good post

Following this.

Nice method! I was always afraid to use Pinterest images due copyright stuff. Didnt you have any problems with it?

Intagram images are not index as good as pinterest. People won’t see the instagram images in reverse image search, that means you’re good to go, and when they request you to take it down, then do it.

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Thanks for sharing this

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Not yet - I guess step 4 is doing it’s job for now