How to get started with Jarvee cheaply

  1. Set up a test Instagram account using [GUIDE 2019] How to create Instagram account’s :fire: (and start making $$$)
  2. Set up the free 12 month VPS trial from Amazon (tutorial on Jarvee site).
  3. Install Jarvee (free 5 day trial) on the VPS
  4. Add the test account, and practice tweaking settings while reading tutorials on Jarvee site
  5. Pay $30 for one month of Jarvee. Buy a $4 HenryCooper mobile proxy if the account is important, or a $20 raw mobile to bunch up to 10 slave accounts onto.
  6. Start follow / unfollow at 20-30 per day, increasing by 20 per day to just under 200.
  7. Organise content using this guide Fast way to post content on slaves
  8. Read this forum and search for any problems you run into!

This is completely free for the first 5 days, and less than $50 per month if you continue, with a working VPS and safe proxies.


Unfortunately it looks like the guide you posted in step #1 is Level 2 access.

Not sure what exactly was in the one you posted but this one is good:

It was level 1 like an hour ago!
I know step #1 by heart now anyway, so can post the details if the mods don’t mind?

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Thanks for summarizing it! I think in the 5 days period you can only warmup, but 50 for a month is not that much.

would be nice

should be number 1…

Step 1 subsets;

  • Install the following add-ons to chrome and set them to run on incognito also - WebRTC Leak Prevent, Random User Agent, Ghostery, CanvasFingerprintBlock.
  • Clear browser history
  • Close Insta app on your phone
  • Reset phone IP (airplane mode on and off for a couple mins, google IP before and after)
  • Connect hotspot to your laptop
  • Go incognito on Chrome
  • Set up hotmail
  • Subscribe 2/3 newsletters while collecting cookies, and google search about social media
  • Sign up for Instagram
  • Do some actions, add profile pic and maybe bio, verify email, more actions, enable airplane mode, repeat
  • Reset IP again at the end, before you use instagram app on your phone