Few questions about Hashtags

Hi guys I’m back again but with some good question’s about Hashtags.
I know is all about testing things out but I don’t have budget for that, so I need your advices and your thoughts.

  • Do you put your hashtags in the quote section or comment’s? Some people say putting on comment’s few times IG might see that has spam. But many other’s like me put the hashtags on comment section, like this quote caption stays clean. What do you think? Does IG sees this has spam or a away to be clean with our posts?

  • How many Hashtags? I see a lot of people using 30 hashtags, using 30 hashtags IG sees that in away to abuse the system? I personaly use 18/25 hashtags I have 20% engagement and double impressions. Saw some guys saying human hashtags actions IG favors, like 4/10 MAX hahstags get’s a lot more result’s than 30 hashtags. Is this true?

  • Do you use stairway tatic?

Sorry for my english, hopping to get good opinions and tips!

  1. Hashtags in captions
  2. 25-30 hashtags until 20k, then 5-15.

I put mine the quote / caption section. It seems to work better than in the first comment.

Feel free to use up 30. One thing though is, don’t use the same 30 back to back. Always mix them up with new ones if you can. If you can’t do that, then use less than 30.


Usually in caption, and not more than 20.
It’s also recommended to not use the same hashtags for all posts

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Thank you guys
Will start putting hashtags in captions

Yes i have some presets made, 18/22 hashtags packs made


Good luck mate! Wish you all the success! :slight_smile:

Also, try to find to find some comment groups with influential accounts on telegram. This will help you rank on those tags.

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I’m using the Jarvee option Engagement Groups I have all full automated (need to twick some sintax 700 rotations total that’s bad to be honest) but my niche has some low competition so I’m only in one group

I wouldn’t suggest you to use engagement groups. Instagram knows when those likes/comments are coming from engagement groups (link tracking).


That’s new didn’t know about that :open_mouth:
If I stop using engagement group my posts will not get any comment’s even with call to action captions

Engagement rate is always going to be higher when using engagement groups. But that engagement is fake. And, when you stop using engagement groups - your account’s engagement is going to decrease (in most cases). Also, using engagement groups is too risky due to those reasons. You have to grow your account with other methods, rather than using only engagement groups.


Thank you @pow will definitely stop using engagement groups and try new method’s for more comments

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  1. In caption

  2. For me the sweet spot is 20-25 hashtags

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Is there any difference whether the hashtags are posted in captions/comments?

Wanted to know from your experience as Adnan has said in another thread the same effect while posting in comments too.

Some people say there is no effect, some people say there is an effect. This is my personal opinion to not use hashtags in the comments. But you can use them in the comments if you wish :slight_smile:

I would recommend hashtags in caption and less than 24 hashtags.
I actually published a post on this recently + other hashtag tips. If you’d like to read more, here it is: [Tips] Improve Reach with Hashtags

if you use EG groups, makes sure the members follow your account and you follow them back. That’s the key

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