Finally A Breakthrough

Hi everyone,

Updating on what, yes, has been talked about in other topics but just wanted to share my personal experience thus far.

For the longest time action blocks were absolutely making me rip my hair out from changing proxies, resetting Device ID, resting accounts for days, tweaking settings on and on and on.

The first time in awhile now I am consistently breaking past 100+ follows per day on multiple accounts. Prior it was a few and majority would get blocked at like 40 follows. I believe what has helped tremendously which was stated before (I forget your name please comment so I can give credit) was clearing the cookies. After I did this for any account with a follow block I noticed a much smoother warm up the next day.

Also as mentioned which has been crucial is what I now do for every single account is log in the account via VPN to the clients location. After logged in to say “New York” I will click for account to stay valid when changing proxy and to not reset Device ID. Then I simply go and put the account onto my mobile proxy and Badabing Badaboom we are all good to go. None of these stats are even close to what I was able to do before and we all know it has been a struggle but we do still have life.

Any of the red alerts in this screenshot are due to proxy error.

If you have any questions please feel free!


Are you having this success using EB or API?

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Great to see it’s working out for you.
Had any issues with unfollowing?

Do you also your likes?
Do you see instastories in a separate base, or are the results of instastories after follow.

How do you get a VPN for every single client location?

Using EB on all accounts. Have both “Use embedded browser to follow when Action Blocked” and “Use embedded browser to like when Action Blocked” checked.

Never have had an issue unfollowing during any of this catastrophe.

I use stories separate from follow tool. I use those within the 200 limit as well and just copy over my sources from follow. I don’t use the like tool only the Like Exchange at 5 per session and max 75 per day for now.

ExpressVPN. You can easily switch between locations, login notification will always be from the new location you choose.


Alright let me get this straight …
So for example your client is from Japan …
Before U log into Jarvee, you turn on VPN (in this case is Japan) and then you log into Jarvee… Then u set proxy and enable account?
What mobile proxies are you using?

It is related to Instagram Action Block - Mega Thread - Level 1, isn`t it? @MojoJojo will maybe use his power :zap: here. :rofl:

Yeah but this is my specific reflection and that thread is a cluster fuck


I am in all blue now too finally :slight_smile:

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This is interesting! So what is the benefit to logging in from their location via VPN prior to switching it to a random location proxy? Why is it safer/better than logging in strait from a proxy? Cheers!

You would gather your client information. Turn on VPN and select Japan, log in your client account once connected. Then check keep account valid while switching proxy and then go ahead and add the account to your mobile proxy. Once done right the client should have only received a Japan login and the account should be valid on the mobile proxy. Sometimes I will then let them sit for a little bit before rushing activity.

I use @HenryCooper for my mobile 1:1 proxies.


Are you using the like after follow function at all? If so what are the % if you don’t mind me asking?

All of mine are blue for follow but unfortunately can barely get any to like without a follow block.

I’m happy this is working for you :+1:

I hope that everyone will join the all blue club soon


As i know, and if i’m wrong someone please stop me, having a connected account in japan and suddenly connecting from another location on the globe while Japan is still running will trigger some things in the AI of Instagram. If we take this in consideration, the VPS of the actual location of the client is a by-pass to the mobile proxy thanks to Jarvee being able to keep the account valid while switching proxies.

So, if it works it ain’t stupid.
Edit2: I’m not saying you said the idea is stupid. I’m just trying to back up his point and help you understand it without trying to disregard you.



Aside from the client not getting a log in attempt from southeast asia, is there a benefit to doing this?

I would think it would be a red flag to login to the account from a non mobile proxy in one location and then switch the proxy after the login attempt, but maybe IG just tracks the initial login attempt ?

This is great info. I know the mega thread is a shit show but I still think you should at least post this there since it is a solution to the main purpose of that thread. Lol.


Well, for the first time in many posts, i’m not mad because it makes sense and it’s a viable solution. The mega thread could be locked for a while while we wait for more details about this very method. It’s another one concrete that could work. And if it’s the right one, the mega thread doesn’t even have to be reopened :smiley:


Looks good for now, but if it turns into another mega thread, it will be merged.


Right? I totally agree.