Finding a page's top posts?

I used to use a WP plugin called FB Post Bot that used to grab all the content of a given page and order it by likes, comments, etc.

Now, the plugin doesn’t work anymore.

What is a tool, software, service I can use that can show me what are the top posts (based on likes, comments, shares) of a given page?

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Hmm, not sure, haven’t used something like that before, maybe other members can chime in with an idea.

What do you use those posts for? research to see which posts would work, or something else?

I used to use it for research / “steal” the good content of other pages and use it on mine. Once you have content that has been proven to work, it is much easier to engage with your audience instead of trying to create something new and hope for the best.

damn , nice one. That’s a good idea thought , as u can see what posts in your niche gets the most engagement , i might also go for this

I still have that WP plugin called FB Post Bot that I used to use, but it doesn’t work anymore and the dude that I bought it from seems to have closed down business.

If anyone has FB coding experience to update it and make it work, PM me and I can send you what I have. From my limited tech understanding it just needs updating as some of the stuff is from 2015 and FB has depreciated it.

You can try using for the type of analytics you are looking for (and much more)
It has a free trial for a few days and when that expires just make a new account if you don’t like it enough to buy a plan with them.

You can also check for a quick fast glance at what the top posts of an account are

I got a person from Fiverr to create a simple python script that does the job quite well.

You give the script the name of a page and an FB access token and it spits out an excel spreadsheet with ALL posts along with comments/likes/dates, etc. It is very raw, but it works.


Can you share the seller’s details on fiverr?
I want some fb stuff coded, and I’m looking for someone like that.

Please PM me and I’ll send you over the details.

I see you already found the topic I want to share, but this is for other people reading this topic. Here you go.

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