First time ever seeing this when creating accounts

Anyone else had this before, this is literally the first time I am getting this message. All my accounts are now doing this:


There’s another topic on this, but it seems to be dead and not the same as my issue, so that’s why I now created this.

Yes, happened with me too.

The funny thing is that I didn’t try to do something bad. I was only trying to create another account for a real business using a normal browser and my home IP.

I feel that Instagram’s anti-spam measures are now going so far that even normal users without malicious intent are affected.


I get that feeling too. I googled some and it seems more and more ‘normal’ users are experiencing these kinda things as well

I just make account form my phone 4G and is normal still.
Hope instagram will not make this for everyone

You can check this megathread on this topic, there are few topics related to this linked on the thread:

it’s hard to get the account back after the 24 hours review message but you should check the tread above and hope for the best.

In my experience, that’s usually a very bad sign that you could lose that account soon.

on 80% of my accounts right now. After phone validation you get temporary locked too.

it’s normal at the moment, I am creating accounts every with 4G Proxies and Phone number. Around 20% will be in this situation, I always deleted and create a new one!

if you created those accounts you should change your proxies, but if you bought them there are most likely flagged when they were created so when you verify them they are automatically locked you should change the provider.

I warmed them for two-three days then they just got locked like above

Try enabling api limits and delay settings in the accounts’ advanced profile settings. You can use the settings on this thread: [SOLUTION] API Calls for Scrapers

Sure it’s the case. Have a look on Twitter official accounts and mosseri’s one. 90% of comments are :

-stop doing useless updates no one asked for
-reactive my account you banned months ago for no reason.

So sad to see this, Instagram is killing their platform willingly the last few months.
And this is not only the case on Twitter, look at Reddit, Facebook groups… Even friends and clients of mine reported issue and they never did any automation or tried 3rd party app.

It’s hard for me to find a good reason and understand why Instagram is acting so stupid lately when Tiktok is rising like it never did.

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Same here. I think there was another wave of accounts that got disabled. The same thing hit me earlier this week.

Maybe to try purchasing some older accounts to use them as scrapers…

Do you have any good recommendations on where to buy those?