[SOLUTION] API Calls for Scrapers

Disclaimer: This temporary solution is for scrapers experiencing PV, EV, Captcha, Temporary Lock, etc (primarily from August 14th to now). This fix will allow your scrapers last from 1-2 days to a 1+ weeks. I am using scrapers as decided here where they are performing API calls for my slave/main accounts

Hello MP Social Community,

My theory is that Instagram has really been cracking down on accounts that do a lot of actions/api calls in a short period of time and the accounts that follow this trend are scrapers. I currently have ~150 scrapers and probably lost a couple hundred throughout my testing, but I think I found a temporary solution. The reason I call this a temporary solution is because although my scraper accounts last at least 1 week (as opposed to 1-2 days), my slave accounts are no longer hitting their daily follow limit. This is because I am limiting how many api calls they can handle each second, hour, and day. We might have to warm-up accounts so they can handle more api calls?

Additional notes:

  • Most of my scrapers have no first name, no last name, no profile picture, and no bio, no posts, and no follows
  • I am currently trying to program a bot that can fit most of this criteria to help them last even longer. My bot has made some scraper accounts with a first name, last name, profile pic, no email, no bio, no posts, and some follows. These scrapers were rested for at least 2 days after creation and are have been scraping for couple of days
  • My slave accounts have basic User Filters
  • My slave accounts have 1 blacklist wordlist (most likely the same words as everyone else)
  • My slave accounts have about 300 blacklist users
  • My scraper to main ratio is 5:1
  • My scrapers are on DC proxies and I am using the same proxies when replacing a dead scraper

Here are the settings that are working for me so far:

Good luck and let me know if it works for you! :+1:


Thanks, will test it out :slight_smile:

From my experience, those settings are safe indeed but even with a 5:1 ratio you can not reach 180 F/UF 100 likes.

What are the limits you are experiencing on your main?

Wow, I will definitely give it a shot. Thanks for these very valuable informations. :pray:t2: :pray:t2:

That’s my problem right now. Although my scrapers are safe, they aren’t hitting their limits. I am getting follows median is ~55/day. My slaves have been following for months and are were able to follow 100-150 users/day when things were fine.

Unfortunately on the flip side, when I had higher api call limits I had to replace scrapers daily and that was the biggest headache and waste of time ever. For the time being, I decided to go with the safe route because I think IG is going through a wave and I’m waiting for things to settle down.

One thing to note is that I contacted JV and asked them if could “hold” follows by performing the search before the operation. By doing things this way, each account will have accounts ready to follow once the operation starts. JV said they will pass it to the dev team and all I can do is hope for the best. If they can implement this feature it would help optimize scrapers even more.

On 1 server of mine, I’ve had $0.35 scrapers lasting up to a month so far doing up to 350 api calls per day and 50 per hour. I believe this is around the limit. You can go to 500 but you can get some Temporary Locked…

note: I am hitting 200 follows per day. Fuck likes they are not worth the API calls

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Yup! This is why I decided to play it safe and even try to make a custom bot. With a ratio of 5:1 it becomes very expensive very quick.

I am trying to get back to this stage - my safe api calls are holding it back a bit. Any tips on how to hit the daily limits?

I personally can’t see the advantage of a custom bot since it would cost you 10k+ to make then you have updates its just stress unless you are a software engineer yourself.

I would recommend 350 per day max API calls per scraper, only have 1 filter box ticked under Follow Settings. Don’t do any Likes because they don’t convert into Followers enough for the API calls to be worth it.

Also split your scrapers into groups of 12:

Monday+Thursday rest, Tuesday and Saturday rest, Wednesday and Sunday rest

Each group of 3 splits into 4 groups of 6 hour rest throughout the day

This will mean each scraper has appropriate rest but also maximises available scrapers throughout the day


You got this wrong … It might cost you 10k to buy, but not to make. To make, you need some knowledge. To buy, some money indeed

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My custom bot is exclusively for making scraper accounts and it certainly does not cost 10k. One big lesson that someone (in this forum) taught me is that when you start an agency the most important thing is to always find a way to minimize costs. The average costs of a scraper is about $0.35-0.45 and I’ve even seen it as high as $1. I am growing accounts with the M/S method and with a scraper to main ratio of 5:1, you can imagine how quickly costs can add up on scrapers alone if they keep going down. Also, almost all of these scrapers do not contain profile pics, full names, last nights, bios, etc and what if in the these things could raise a red flag for IG in the future? I’m preparing for the worst.

Thanks! How are you doing with blocks and FBR? I have some user filters that are helping with my FBR, but they are prevent my slaves from hitting their daily limit.

Just to note: you know you can create accounts directly with J? :sweat_smile:

And you know you can easily add to multiple accounts profile pics / bio etc at once with J ? :sweat_smile:

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Yes but how good is a bot made account through Jarvee?

Yes true. I’ve wasted too much money on scrapers.

Don’t get many Temporary Blocks, Followback ratio is 0.2-0.4 , I don’t really use many filters except User has Profile Picture and maybe users that have Max 2.5k Following so they engage

It’s more important to find good target sources than rely on filters

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Pretty solid actually :sweat_smile:


That’s really good considering you aren’t using that many Use Filters. I will remove some more filters and might make my settings for “Enable api limits” a little more aggressive. If you’re getting success under 500 api calls/day, there’s a chance IG is focusing more on the daily api count.

This is good information thank you, we at a point where the follow tactics must be implemented to the api calls too :sweat_smile:

Yeah it’s sort of ridiculous, but IG is really making us focus on scraper accounts. We’re forced to look at quality, api calls, limits, user filters, etc. Before it was churn and burn (and it still somewhat is,) but going down that rabbit hole can make you lose a lot of money.

What about story viewing?

Thanks for the info will check it out

I am losing about 1-2 out of 135 scrapers a day, but these are scrapers that I created from my own bot. My purchased scrapers are STILL alive. These settings seem to be working fine for me :blush:.

Also shoutout to @xstaC for making me think a little more about User Filters.

I removed a good amount of User Filters and only focused on the ones I REALLY need. By doing this I substantially lowered my api calls, JV is searching for followers a lot quicker, I’m coming closer to my daily limit, and I may be able to lower my ratio of 5:1 to something lower.

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