First time jarvee user- error after error

Hey guys! I am trying to see if I can run a mother/slave setup to grow one of my accounts. But, its a nightmare.

I have had so many issues and have tried contacting jarvee support but they take forever to reply.

So, it seems as though I can set things up in a scheduled time for following and reposting and it works for a couple of tries. Then it just stops 2working with no errors. Some will say execute repost and not post anything, some say follow and not follow anything.

And now I’m getting
Instagram has invalid sources on most of these.
I have been setting up my stuff based on what people on YouTube recommend but its not working. It’s getting very frustrating. I can’t even warm up the accounts as there’s a new hiccup after every obstacle I pass.

So, can someone recommend me a video to folllow or can I post my settings for someone to critique because this is doing my head in and jarvee support have not helped me at all. Ive messaged them at least 50 times this week.

Thanks guys!

Take a deep breath! You can post your settings here. The members here will be happy to help and give you suggestions.

Do you see red or yellow exclamation mark in Tools tab? if not, go to Tools tab, press Show Errors, and see if your account gets blocks.

Do you use a scrapper account? If you do, did you add your sources on the main account or on the scrapper account?

It seems you’re getting API Scrape Blocks. You can check if your account gets API scrape blocks or not by going to Social profiles tab > select your accounts > Actions on Selected Profiles > Export API scrape blocks.

Now if you see in the export file that your accounts are no longer blocked but the sources still show red exclamation mark, you can go to Settings > Actions > Reset All IG Accounts Suspension Blocks.

Haha, actually did take a breath. Here is the Screenshots. It seems there are a few errors.
I’ve been following a youtubers course (which may not be that good i’m thinking) and it has said nothing about scraping, So, i’m not sure about that but here are the blocks below.

Basically I have been trying to setup about 10 fitness slaves/ child accounts and warm them up but cannot seem to get jarvee doing

Can you also share your follow settings? they may be too aggressive.

Your child accounts are getting GetFollowers API block, meaning IG doesn’t allow you to extract followers from your sources. The blocks will disappear after some time.
I would suggest you do these:

  1. Use other follow sources options in addition to Follow Followers of target accounts
  2. Use scrapper accounts.
    Add at least 5 more IG accounts in Social Profiles, and tag them as Scrapers, then check this option in Settings > Social Platforms > Instagram
    , You can read this thread about the method:
    [METHOD] Alternative Way to Setup Your Scraper Accounts -JARVEE

Thanks. I cleared most of my filters and added the follow, followers of targets. Also added more sources.
Ive stopped all the ones that have been getting errors and letting the newer ones run with the new layed back settings.

Will check out the scrapper method now and get back to you.
Thanks heaps

Please do yourself a favour and blur your account names/emails in your Screenshots next time. There are many non-patrons outside :face_with_monocle:

Thanks. Just deleted them. New to all of this stuff

All of a sudden got three email verification in one succession. Probably not a good sign. Ive stopped all accounts and will add that scraper acounts