Fitness Advice Thread

Free fitness help!

I feel that fitness should be a part of everyones lives. Whether it’s being healthy or just looking aesthetic!

I’ve been a personal trainer inside an actual gym (not an only online one) for over 8 year. Have a BSC in exercise Science.

So, I thought that I should help some of the people on mpsocial out and give out some free advice.


  • I will not write programs or diets
  • I will not fix injuries or imbalances that cause serious pain. (YOU NEED TO SEE A DOCTOR)
  • I am not selling any products. I am moving into IG marketing and away from online coaching. But happy to trade knowledge for knowledge if its in both of our interests.
  • Other gym experts can chime in, just don’t make up stuff based on your own opinions. Use facts.



Hi, you said you’re not selling fitness stuff but anyway I want to ask. Do you think selling supplements is a good way? After a while and an established shop I can introduce my own supps or gym wear?

Anyway there are a lot of supp companies outside there and a big competition. What do you think about this?

I saw already the wholesale prices and the marge will not much so the last way is to scale the sales to have profit.

Contacting other social media fitness guys to make some advertising with codes will maybe help to get sales

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I have had a few friends try sell their own protein powders buy they didn’t profit much as the margins and R.O.I weren’t good.

Yeah, the most successful companies sponsor athletes. So if you can afford it, you could find some semi famous fit pros on IG and youtube and offer them a monthly supplement pack in exchange to be their sponsor. Then they can rep your brand, wear shirts etc.

Other way is creating an affiliate network and get fit pros to give out discount codes. The thing you must ask yourself is ‘whats in it for them?’ So you need to give them something in return or seem like a valuable brand. Then get them tagging and sharing content for you.

I’ve been approached lots and have only been apart of one affiliate scheme and that’s because he was an IFBB pro that I follow.

Allgood to ask sales based questions. I just don’t want to write heaps of diet plans and programs for people over my Christmas break lol.

To sell own protein powder is a number because nobody will know this brand and they will have problems to trust in it.

I thought about do make an online shop with good lnown brands and sell them.

Only scaling will bring same cash I think.

To get visitors to the site, some Influencer could help with Codes etc.

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So are you wanting to resell other brands or create your own?

Reselling other brands is easier if you can get a low cost price so the R.O.I is good. Then either give your influencers a decent discount or an affiliate payment per order they help sell with their code.

Would be pretty easy to scrape heaps of fitness accounts between 10-100k and contact them.

Don’t think that big accounts will miss your dms or emails. I have a repost account (different niche) with 150k and I look at all my dms and delete any I don’t like.

Also know a few fitness influencers that have 150k+ and they reply within a day or two if its in their interest.

I had some Fitness Related Queries for myself:

Something about my Fitness Life - Presently I turned 20 this September and I have been working out since 2 years but with a lot of monthly gaps in between and recently didn’t go for the past 8 Months due to the Covid-19.

When I used to go to the Gym,My Energy levels were too high and never ever felt lazy in doing anything no matter how difficult it was.But since last 1-2 Months,I have good Energy but a little low compared to when I used to hit the Gym Regularly,So what would you suggest something for me to get that same energy back again?

I know that a solution can be to start the gym again but presently due to the situation it’s unavoidable,I am still maintaining a good clean diet along with a healthy routine but my sleep schedule is a little bad as what it should be for a normal person.

What would you suggest me to stay more active during the non-gym days?

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In your case for e.g with 150k what should I offer you so that you don’t delete my DM?

I want only one example. The influencer show my code only one time in his / her story and say I bought some stuff from and it was very good and fast etc.

What should I offer for this service? Or should I say you have to show it one time a day?

Do you have an example for this?

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Great initiative on the thread!
Have you played around with kettlebells?

After the lockdown, I couldn’t go to my Jiu Jitsu school anymore so I convinced myself that Pavel Tsatsouline was the man to follow for a minimalist workout ~ with kettlebells.

I’ve been doing his simple & sinister program and it’s pretty fun.

100 x one handed swings
10 x Turkish getups

I started with 25lbs, now I’m comfortable with 50lbs and want to move heavier.

Have any recommended exercises to strengthen my core? (With kettlebells)

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You don’t need to gym everyday to feel good energy. You should look at what you are doing differently on your off days.

Do you have much caffeine during the week?
Are you stressed about work/life?

If you do want to keep active, just go for walks and try and keep present. Ie mediation walk. This will help reduce any stress you have.

I know personally im tired on off days because I have preworkout on days I train and non when I rest. So, its a big frop in caffeine which causes me to feel sluggish.

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Just be straight up in your dm and offer money.
'PROMO $ looking for fit pros to help sell my products/ great reward scheme. Would you be interested?"

I typically only see the previews of dms and click the ones that look appealing.

For me it’s less effort/ high reward. So, a discount code just for a promo or a post shoutout price could be a one off reward. Or montly sponsor packs for those that have big engagement and you know you would get lots of sales in return.

Check out this New Zealand Supplement store. They make a lot of money and have sponsored some of my clients in the past. They do discount code for non influencers to join the affiliate group and Supplement packs for sponsored athletes.

Renagade rows are great aswel as one armed side press. You can sue kettle bells for those. They incorporate both core and strength.

Also add in things that are similar to what you do In BJJ. So, situps to the side as if you were about to do a kumura. Also, Pulse ups with your legs as if you were going into a figure four triangle choke.

I used to do mma and I trained specifically in the movements I found hard, then added weights. Also, throw in some sprawls as they are a must in mma

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Brilliant way to think about it. Man, I miss rolling so bad haha.

Thanks so much for the recommendations. Great ideas. I will add those to my regimen and report back in a few weeks :slight_smile:

Hope you have a merry xmas eve.

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It’s Christmas for me! Have a good one!


I avoid Caffiene at all Costs,I rely on pure clean carbs before the Gym,Just Carbs and a little protein to get me going with zero fats.

Recently Yes,Stress has been more than usual and this could be the Reason,Though I am trying to make my body habitual about it and Slowly it should be fine.

I will start Meditating but due to Lack of time I miss it completely though,I will take care about this atleast.

Thank you for your suggestions,Means a lot:)


One thing that helped me a ton with meditation is doing my sessions early in the day (closer to when I wake up, the better for me) and I started off with committing to 2 minutes. That way it’s super easy to do them.

When I had about 1-2 weeks on my belt, I made it 5 mins, then 10, now 20-25 mins and im in a deep meditative state more easily.

Good luck mate


Meditation doesn’t have to be sitting and doing nothing. You can actually practice mindfullness eating, doing dishes, cleaning etc. The more you are present the more you can control your stress and emotions. You can choose what things you must think about, while avoiding negativity.

Also have a degree in psychology lol


how would you use IG for a local gym?
where (since it’s a real business) you don’t want to risk losing the account

i think going after influencers won’t account to much cos those usually aren’t localized to the gym area.

thus far my thoughts are mainly to get members to post stuff on their social media that’s tied to the gym (like giving them a free branded towel if they accomplish something and then having them post a pic of the towel and accomplishment on their social media). but would like to hear other thoughts

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Out of curiosity, you mention no fats - is that only before a workout or in general?

If you can get a consistent sleep schedule again and maintain good sleep hygiene (not saying/drinking too late and lowering screen time), that helps.

If you’re reintroducing exercise, just focus on moving for a manageable amount each day. Structured training sessions are great, but make sure you’re moving everyday as well. Even a walk outside will do.

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I shared my gym framework guide in level 3. have a look @bartjan

Local contests for your current members - they can participate by posting / checking-in with social media and tagging you

Going to your location (on IG) and seeing who’s in the top and reaching out to them to give them a free session or something so they share it to their audience.

Or directly reaching out to prospect through locations. Start a convo about their fitness & health goals, even sending them personal videos or jump on a call with them and then invite them to your Front End Offer (must be displayed in your bio) — All depends on your current sales system you already have.

Collaborating with other local health-related businesses and do a JV together to both your audiences. Can even host a joint giveaway together with a big contest giveaway, or just creating a package together. eg: if you buy our base plan of 3 sessions a week for 3 months, you get a free massage from Spa XXX.

Just a few ideas.