Flipboard traffic to website

Does anybody know how to get traffic from Flipboard?

Use a lot of alt text in images, as well as rich snippets. Certain long tail keywords will get you into the main “explore” pages.

Follow and unfollow a ton of people, and like anything else occasionally like and comment.

It’s key to hit the explore pages. I have multiple accounts and flip as much as I can.

1)How many accs should I have? For example to get 100 visitors to my website.
2) I don`t get how to put where my pics from my articles? It upload automatically images when I flip articles.
3) Does following help? How to follow ton people without bot? I think I will be banned

It’s hard to Flipboard without about but you can still get traffic. You need a quality article though. There is a flipboard extension for chrome. That allows you to set the cover image.

You won’t get banned for following and unfollowing, it’s just a pain in the butt.

So with only I account I can follow 1000000000 followers? :slight_smile:
I use Flip it chrome exten but it doesn`t allow me to upload my own images only from preview images from website

I don’t know the limits of how many people you can follow, and no the extension doesn’t allow you to upload, it only allows you to choose the cover photo.

You select the cover photo image from there. It won’t upload to your article, so have a blog with a good header image and choose it.

Yes I know. But I don`t get how people can find me, because flipboard search looks ugly. do you have some sort of statistic? How minimum articles I must have for getting results? Does any sense to use 10 fake acc? And what is publisher account? There are 2 types account? Personal and publisher? Which I must to use?