Follow Is Dragging Not Hitting X/F/day

I have three accounts in Jarvee that have been having no issues with hitting daily 500/F/Day. Today I noticed they were only doing 5 to 15 f/h.

The proxy is not the issue, I switched them to proxies that other accounts were on that are having no problem. They are one 1:1 mobile proxy and are running around 1800ms

The settings are the same as they have been for a couple of months; other accounts have same settings sources, etc and no issues. There are plenty of great sources.

I created new profiles in Jarvee for 2 of the accounts, and it seems that one is running better, but the other is still getting about 1/2 the follows it should.

I have played with removing the filters, increasing the f/day, reset IDS, rebooted server, rebooted Jarvee. Follows and Likes are running along with no issues.

It seems like IG is might be the issue but not sure, any of you gurus know what up would appreciate any help? I am out of troubleshooting thoughts.

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I’m not one of the guru’s but i’d say you stop all actions all together for a little then come back to the account after a couple days. I feel just because you switched proxies it might not matter the next day. You might have to switch proxies and then wait a little then start back from warming up the account.

Were those 3 accounts made in any different manor then the other accounts that haven’t had any issues?

What do you feel the issue is? Do you think it’s a setting issue or an IG issue? Have you tried copying settings from 1 account that’s working fine into that account? By actually using the Jarvee software to copy your settings and not by your eye?

I’ve been referencing this article a lot to see what the difference are between the accounts. Hope it helps.

New accounts need a longer warm up, and not all accounts are equal, even if you created them.

Could be content related as well.


I made brand new profiles on Jarvee and did the settings by hand and done everything I can think of. It is doing long searches and very irractic follow pattern. I even changed out all the sources thinking it might have been the issue but same.

Thinking it has to be IG putting a lag in there maybe was hitting a limit dunno.

The one account is questionable the other two are from a trusted source, thinking it could very well be a warm-up issue as two of the accounts out of three I pushed hard from the start to see what would happen maybe I am finding out :wink:


I would rest the account that can’t hit max for a few days. Then start it back up on a good IP with low settings. Lots of variations/ rest periods/breaks/days off and low risk actions.

After a week or so, move it to half speed.

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Will give it a try… thanks :+1:

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Out of curiosity, what is the accounts niche? Does it have a URL? Landing page etc? The more info we all have the better we can all help.

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Hello, did you check the dashboard? Any error or anything else?

No URLs not doing anything right now regarding moving traffic around trying to get these accounts as large as possible. I added a bunch of new sources to one of the accounts and backed off the f/hr rate and it seems to be doing good now. The other two going to rest for a few days and turn down the volume and randomize/delay/days off like you suggested. Niche is Travel/Outdoors and Animals.

No errors

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Attach a printscreen of dashboard where filter is the acc with problems

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I’m asking for dashboard not for the follow tool.

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Today there is no issues as I am looking at it now, all accounts are running smoothly today. I can live with this follow rate :+1: Less is more it seems this niche has a high follow back rate as it is not flooded yet :sunny:


If you haven’t changed anything, it must be IG.

They update their algos constantly and seems that they try really hard to protect against automation and organic growth.

It may even be something like your account reaching a level of followers or engagement that puts it into a different category and different rules start to apply… this is pure hypothesis, but it’s something to consider.

Maybe reduce all the levels drastically, and gradually and one by one increase them to see if some of them might be the culprit.


Yes think your right it is something IG is doing, have backed off the accounts is question turned off all actions for a couple days and do a mini warm up on each and see what happens.