Follow Source Not Working Jarvee Pinterest?

Hi guys, I wanted follow/unfolow on pinterest. But when I use “Follow followers of target accounts”. Jarvee always gets stuck with the queued extract operation. And then it doesn’t extract any followers form the source. Do you guys have any insight on this?

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it’s working fine on my end. are you running accounts from other social media platforms? if so, are the tools on those accounts working?

If no account is working, I suggest you contact support. I had an issue issue a few months ago where jarvee didn’t execute any actions at all and the support fixed it.

What is the status of the account in Social Profiles? Please try to stop and start the tool then open EB to watch what happens when it executes the action.

It’s also working well for me with your source. Is this still happening on your end? If yes, please reach out to our Support team for further assistance.

May be it’s because many options on Jarvee are not working any more.

May you please tell us specifically which options are not working for you? You may also reach out to the Support team via for further assistance.

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