Follow Sources for Child Accounts

How do you guys handle follow sources for child accounts? Should I have them all following the same sources? Is there anyway to have child accounts to not follow same users in Jarvee?

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It affects all accounts.

Settings>Social Platforms> Instagram>Enable follow different users across all accounts.


no every account you must mark her own source

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Thank you, you saved me so much time.

The only cons that I can think of when using the same sources:

  • multiple accounts viewing the same follow sources and following users of that source
  • not as much reach as opposed to each account having their own unique sources

Pros of using same sources:

  • saving time as I’d imagine getting unique sources for each account is very time consuming.

You are going to want multiple sources for each, and each with their own unique anyways. This option can still follow the same user from different accounts because the DB isn’t updated fast enough.

If each has their own source then you have less chances of following the same person with multiple accounts. But since it’s same niche, you might get a few.


Like @wortime said, enable that option in Jarvee to follow different users across all accounts. And you want to have a decent/a lot of amount of sources depending on how many child accounts you have.


I think Jarvee team should think of enabling this feature on selected accounts. [Based on Tags or just manually select them]
It might not easy as it seems. But, if they could enable it then it would be awesome.


What about this option?

Im not sure if this is what you mean but this might work.


Just wow and shame on me for my laziness :cry:.
Thanks, Mate. I’m going to check this out and it seems this is what I looked for.
Thank You again


It shows it on hover, interesting! Nice find!


My account fits pretty well in 3 niches, so I have several slaves for each niche, and use the setting wortime mentioned.

Yeah, indeed. :heart:

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I prefer to scrape users beforehand (min. 10.000.000) and remove double usernames on excel, saves a lot of ram :smiley:

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Hy may I ask which tool you use for scraping?

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currently jarvee, but waiting till I get the imristo scraper :slight_smile:

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I would love to know so far which settings works better for you guys?
The one @wortime suggested or @RustyBread?

They don’t contradict, each other, you can use @RustyBread’s suggestion if you have batches of accounts in different niches

Thank you!

Can you please explain your process a bit? You just scrape a ton of accounts with multiple “slave” accounts and put them into a sheet? and then split them between accounts?

How do you do it for the like tool as well?

Currently I’m only liking public accounts and following private with that global setting ticked so that I don’t like and follow the same slave or different slave

Check out this one:

And for those that don’t have access:

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Thanks for posting that and helping out us level 1ers.