Targeting directly through Jarvee/GMT2 VS. Scraping Users beforehand

Hey guys,
basically, instead of using the targeting options from the follow-module (e.g. “follow followers of target accounts”, I would prefer to scrape + filter usernames beforehand, then use “follow specific users” and import the scraped + filtered list of usernames.


  • It will save a lot of Ram, will be able to run more accounts on the vps since the bot won’t have to scrape anymore
  • Main Reason: I will never follow the same people accross all accounts (I know I can use Jarvee’s option for this, but for 100s of accounts it will again be way too much Ram-usage…)

My question now is:
Does someone have experience with this type of approach? (scraping beforehand)
The only thing I am worried about is that IG is potentially going to think it is a little weird if an account types 400 usernames/day in “search” and follows them. Just following followers of target accounts does seem more natural/human to me…
Obviously I am going to test this myself, but if someone has any experience regarding this, it would save me & potentially other users a lot of time & trial and error :slight_smile:

So what do you think, scraping beforehand problem or no problem at all?


I received like block right after scraping all my followers. My bad but I didn’t know that scraping was actually counting as an action.

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I started using this technique of scraping and then feeding accounts but now only use it for ‘special projects’.

If you want to specifically target a group of people like editors from press in an industry then scraping all the followers of a major account in the niche and filtering with Excel to find the specific people works very well. I am talking about trying to find 100 people in a 500k follower account. This would be a huge job for Jarvee.

If you are looking for good quality customers and follow back then letting Jarvee do the filtering live is better as it has the ability to drop poor sources and give good sources higher priority. This takes little work once set up.

Another example for scraping and analysing offline is finding new sources: competitors follow major brands / influencers, you just need to find them using businesses type and bio filtering.

Happy scraping


I also thouht about this. And I found a way to do it but it feels a little bit like wasting ressources as you need proxys and account slots.

I created scrape accounts (accounts only used for scraping).

You want to put the checkmark at:

The option is not that easy to find because its in the follow settings and not in the scrape settings.

And in the extracted users Settings you can define where you want to send them to:

Have not tried yet but it should work like this.


@Avo @kripke hey guys, thanks for your input, but that was not my actual question haha (maybe I phrased it wrong, english is not my native language).
My actual question: I suppose this is how Jarvee does it when you import a list of usernames to follow: they “type” the username, then follow it, and that 400 times/day or whatever the settings are. I thought this might trigger something in IG’s algo, since this opperation seems even weirder than just going through an account’s followers and following some of the people that follow that account…
Hope you get what I mean :smiley:

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Maybe a more experienced user may chime in but i am unsure if it works like this. I assume Jarvee is just extracting usernames and following usernames anyway.

I use this a lot, with many clients I have 1 or 2 scrappers for each client, then I send the scraped users to the specific users lists and that’s it, there is no problem working like that, and you will be able to achieve more actions per day in the main acc.


No, it’s better to input a list and follow as it reduces your overall API calls. Particularly good for newer accounts with lower trust.

Only issue is that Jarvee does not have global follow back ratio so you can’t use the remove poor sources and prioritise good ones when using this method.


i thought it will cost a lot of time and at the end it is not worth it. better invest on a pc with high ram capacity unless have a tight budget. It is more effective to let Jarvee to the job finding the same look a like audience as you set their characteristic.

That is what I thought too, I know gmt does it like that anyway, but I am not sure about Jarvee…
Maybe someone can comfirm this :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for replying, that is what I was thinking too, that is what I am going to do then :slight_smile:

Thank you, that was what I was hoping to hear haha!

I don’t care about follow-back since this is for child accounts, 500 accs targeting the same niche, I just want to target bulk so that is luckily not an issue :smiley:

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If you wan’t bulk then it’s a great way to get large quantities without lots of API calls when Auto-following. This method could work very well for you.
For me it’s quality so a different need.

Look forward to hearing how your testing goes.

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Thank you, yeah just started the scraping, will let you guys know how it goes :smiley:

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Yeah I can imagine this being effective when you already have solid knowledge of what type of audience that resonates with your account.

Its not a problem for IG if you do that. They work with a different logic to what you may expect using common-sense.

If you like to be super cautious and are inexperienced, consider warming up again from the start for those accounts you switch to following from lists. You may get a lot more follows per day all of a sudden depending on exactly what was going on before the switch to lists.

Using lists as opposed to live sources in a bit of an art so if you don’t see the results you expected re-read what @Avo wrote you in the first reply on this thread. A ‘random’ list will give below average results no matter the method. But quantity has a quality all of its own as was said by some famous warlord in the not so distant past.


Thanks for comfirming what others said, seems like everyone is on the same page regarding my question :slight_smile:

Yeah I guess I forgot to clarify: I am not just going to use a random list of usernames, the scraping + filtering is going to be very targeted, almost as much as the Jarvee settings allow, the only difference is going to be that I will scrape + filter beforehand for all the accs, instead of letting Jarvee do it for each account :slight_smile:

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I prefer scraping before hand but I do find two issues with it:

  1. It becomes a manual process in removing poor quality sources (not the end of the world…still a manual process though)
  2. If targeting Interactive followers I find if there’s a significant delay between the time of the scrape and the time of the follow, the FBR plummets significantly.

Thanks for letting me know! Both things I am fine with, since I am going to use the scraped + filtered users for 500 child accounts! :slight_smile:

We use a scraping tool which enables us to scrape for insane details, even language lol … but i still find that using the jarvee settings yield better results and i also agree that it looks suspicious to IG

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What about scraping beforehand + use jarvee filters afterward?

@Tacos @thisismx @delagarde may I ask you guys what tools you use for scraping beforehand? I am using imristo scraper right now, but it doesn’t have everything… Do you just use jarvee the way @kripke explained above or do you have any scraper you can recommend? Or do all of you have private bots :smiley: