Follow-Unfollow - Growth Source - Question

Hey everyone!

This is my first post here.

I been into Instagram marketing for a while and have been heavily doing research for Pinterest.

So let me jump straight into the question.

What I wanted to know is for the follow settings - which type of accounts should I be following? For e.g I opened niches for women money making methods.
From this niche I am finding users and boards that will suffice for follows.

How many followers should they have (estimate) - minimum and maximum?

Any recommendations on which TYPE of accounts to avoid when following?



How many follow sources to have for each account? (if applicable)

I suggest not worrying about follow/unfollow. I would spend more time creating exceptional photos and hashtag research.

Just share good content with good tags and follow related accounts like your, work on quality not on quantity. Good images with good description and right tags will do great job.