Follower Data Not Updated During Sync

A couple weeks ago I noticed follower data on a few of my accounts didn’t update when they were synced. Everything was working, just the follower numbers were not getting updated.

I’m now seeing this behavior on over half the accounts. I’m running 18 different Pinterest profiles.

I’ve tried the obvious like restarting MP and each profile.

Any suggestions to fix this?


Are you getting any error on the Dashboard when you sync the account? If you are getting any error, please send an email to support and include a screenshot of the error.

No errors. If I sync the profile, the dashboard shows the sync operation completed. But the data in the Followers column on the Profile page is not updated for the profile.

…again… this is only happening on about 1/2 the account profiles, the others are updating properly.

Please contact support, thanks

How do I do that? All I see in the client area is the knowledge base a links to this forum.

On Mass Planner < Dashboard < Contact Support tab

Okay, thank you.

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