Follower Growth Stats

Hey guys,

There is an account I manage and the guy is saying that I didn’t grow his account for the last 30 days so he wants out of his contract.

I want to show him proof that his account followers did grow.

He does not have a business account, so social blade won’t work for me.

Any websites or tools you are aware of to show proof?


There’s this I made a free Instagram analytics tool for you guys (and myself) but I think (not sure if still true) the account would have had to be added a while ago to track the stats.

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Hey @jakim

Thanks for that. The link here says it’s free, but I see there’s only a 7-day free trial.

By the way, is this retroactive as well? If I put an account into it, can it show me follower growth from the past?


There are two versions, paid and free, you can see how they differ here:
The free version you install yourself on your own server from the repository, paid is maintained by me.

Generally, it’s not, but if the statistics were collected by the system, you’ll get access to them.

So did you took responsibility to grow somebody’s acc and wasn’t collecting any statistics?
Shame on you!
You had to even save the total number of followers before you start
Shame on you again!!

lol, no no.

Jarvee shows me ongoing stats, but I just preferred something web-based that I can have the client check on his/her own when they want.

I take screenshots of my accounts right when they sign up. Also Jarvee saves that info as well when loading the account.

I appreciate the humor though :slight_smile: