I made a free Instagram analytics tool for you guys (and myself)

Long time lurker here,

I’ve learnt a lot the past few months on this forum so I decided to give back a little.

Since Socialblade for Instagram went down I made a little tool for myself a few weeks ago to track my own account’s growth. If someone from the forum could use a tool like this, feel free to do so, the url is igblade.com

I know there are other similar tools mentioned here on mpsocial but unlike them, I don’t plan on making this tool a paid service so igblade will be available for free indefinitely.

Its a personal little tool so it doesn’t have any ads on it, enjoy.

I hope I gave a little value to the community with this.

Anyways keep up the good work!


Awesome, good job!


Is the engagement counting just likes or comments as well?

As someone who has been working with IG professionally this is a great resource, thanks


Been using it since you first announced it, and I really do enjoy it. One feature I would recommend is bulk import of profiles to monitor, as I would love to track clients without having to type them all individually.


+1 for this feature.

Started using it yesterday after @SkinnyGirl recommended and was wishing I could mass insert usernames to the database! Excellent work and thanks for the tool. @SheriffWoody



You are the creator?! Awesome, thank you very much for that, your page is very helpful :smiley: :+1:

Your are a genius! :sunglasses:

Maybe just two notes:

  1. The (very experienced member) MOJOJOJO has stated:
    I wonder how long they are going to stick around having the name that they have
    Seems it could be critical as IG doesnt like websites with names with “IG” (as well as “Gram” --> there was a forum related to IG that hat the name “gramous” and the owner stated that he had to change the name due to complaints of IG…)
    Your website is awesome and it would be great & helpful to keep it

  2. If you find time, could you maybe also add a chart for the no. of followings? As on socialblade - this provides very interesting insights about some acc.s, e.g. that one:

Thnak you very much for your time, that is very awesome!! :smiley:


Great job. Well done :slight_smile:


Likes only at the moment. I know it’s a bit crude but I’ll try to refine it soon. Stil very useful already though!


I’m very glad you find it useful! I was thinking of a feature like that but I have to figure out a way in which this feature would not be abused by other sites for scraping.


Thank you for your support and for recommending it to others! :heart:

  1. I know that Instagram is allergic to anything that has “insta” or “gram” in it but I hope just having “IG” in the domain name will just slide under the radar. :grimacing:

  2. I will definitely implement that is the near future!


i love you

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A good point, but they will block access to data faster than they will start to deal with small pages.


Would captcha or having you login help? Good to know it’s on your radar :sunglasses:

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Really clean, thank you.

PS Socialblade’s insta stats are up and running


I’m glad you like it

You might want to check again there… I’m afraid SocialBlade hasn’t been working since April-02. :confused:



I really like your website, it works damn good. May I ask you one thing?

I have added two days ago an acc. that wasnt added at that time. Now, when I check the figures, it shows me not only the figures for the last 2 days (what I expected), but some older data, too…

This is great, definetely. :smiley: I m just wondering what :dizzy::dizzy::dizzy: magic :dizzy::dizzy::dizzy: is behind that? :wink:I have seen that now for different acc.s
If you can`t tell here how its possible because there is a special “trick” behind, I totally understand, it would be just great to hear what do you think how reliable the “older” data is?

Thank you, dear Sheriff :wink:


Wow, this is great!!
Thanks mate for this useful tool!


Just as you said, its :dizzy:magic :dizzy: :wink:.

But don’t worry it’s 100% accurate data.:smile:


You could add it as a payed feature? I know that you are against it but it would keep a lot of abusers out

This might lock out SOME abusers, yes, but also people with a low budget. We have here a couple of people in the forum from poor countries that have a really tight budget and are working hard to get some money… If they can take advantage of the data of IGBLADE, if they need it maybe, why then punishing them, too? Sorry just a question, I believe your intention was the best, but first there must be abusers and then its time to talk about measures…

BTW, someone else in this forum has also a similar page like IGBLADE. While adding acc.s etc is for free, most of the mid-term and long-term data is only available for people who pay.
Still, there was an attempt to hack the service of the website or at least to bring the website down…