Followers per child account?

I have never used child/slave accounts and i was wondering how many followers on average you get per child account per month? I saw on BHW someone said you get a minimum of 50 per acc per month however I think this was just with tagging the mother/main account. I want to know if anyone has tried the DM new followers method and how effective it was.


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For clients and myself I’d say an average of 5-10 followers/slave/day on the main account :slight_smile:


Depending on the efficiency/FBR of the accounts, I can say this number is accurate. Average DM conversion is usually 10%, so if the accounts are following 500, and have a FBR of 10%, this equals 50 followers on the network account to DM, 5 of which follow the main.

It is important to consider the insane amount of variables tho, such as main account quality, network account quality, niche, messaging, etc.


higher number than expected, nice to have those to compare efficiency

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Oh man. I gotta build myself some slaves :open_mouth::cheese:


About 25 new followers/day/child account, and without DM’ing.


I highly doubt this is true. I’ve done this for multiple clients and there is no way to get even close to 10/day without DMs


Oath. @pow Have you scraped the main and child’s followers and cross-referenced them to actually check how many new followers on the main are actually coming from the child accounts, not just organic growth?

I am using different approach when using child method. About 2.5%-3% of the people I followed, follows the main account. So I follow about 800 people/day, so about 40% checks the child account, and about 5-8% decides to follow the main account. You have to test, test and again, test what works. You have to think outside the box. If you are doing the same thing as others with child method, you gonna get similar results. If you want higher results - you have to come up with great strategy :slight_smile:


I did a lot of tests, I made child accounts as business accounts so I can see analytics, then I cross-referenced the followers and the visits to the profile, and I got about 40% visits to the profile. Then I cross-referenced new follow requests from main account and when which ones were followed by child account.


What is it you’re doing differently then?

What is your tag referral method for them to check the main account?

and you do this with hundreds of accounts? :open_mouth::open_mouth:

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Sorry, can’t tell you the method. You have to think outside the box, you have to test a lot of accounts, batches, settings, content, timing, people to follow, and use your own twist.
Sorry, didn’t understand your second question:)

No, just couple. I did a lot of tests with many accounts, but stopped, collected data, made analytics, now I have an approach so planning to scale now. :slight_smile:

Couple hundred or a cuople of account? because it looks a valid but time consuming method

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Is this really profitable? Like the amount you must spend on accounts and proxies for 5 - 10 followers a day?

it depends on the value you can get from your main account.

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Testing different methods on few hundred, analyzed how many new followers I get to main account using all methods, then I came up with my method to improve the best performing method. Cost analytics: it costs me 13,5$/1000folllowers on main account.

Pretty cheap for quality followers. Good job


I have been using valars proxies for a little bit and they are fine no bans yet and only cost $1 a month. If i make 10 accounts they each get my main 5 followers a day * 30 = 150 * 10 = 1500 followers a month for $10? That seems like a great deal plus i might get more than 5 a day