Followers unsubscribe every day

Hello to all! More recently (May 25) my account (not personal) had 39, 630k followers. Now their number is 39, 513 and it continues to fall and fall every day. New followers arrive just a little, but this is not noticeable. Yes, I know that it is normal for people to unsubscribe, but when you see that new followers subscribe to your page, and the total number does not change, even becomes less and less… This is very strange. Reach and number of likes are very few. I never bought my followers and did not ask anyone to do this for me. I try to comply with all Instagram limits (likes, comments, and the number of posts per page). Who has a similar problem? Sorry for my bad english.

Lost just a 100 in a month? I lose 100 in two days nowadays! I have about 90k on my personal account and the daily unfollows are atleast a 50, sometimes 100+

If i am not using my M/S DM way to grow my account, that day the account drops by atleast 50

I used f/UF previously and probably thats the reason. Also, do you think instagram is mass removing bot/inactive accounts?

Are you doing Follow and unfollow method? or are you just growing your account manually through posts? how many posts did you publish per day?

Did the reach and number of likes drop significantly? if so,your account may be shadowbanned.

A lot of accounts I’m watching are free-falling losing followers. Are you posting frequently? Are you manually engaging with potential followers?

No, I don’t post often. One or two fasts a day, with a difference of several hours. On Thursday I do 3-4 posts, because I’m leading a page about the actor and I cut out fragments from his new TV series. But even here I take a break (4-6 hours between posts and on this day I do not put likes and do not comment on anyone). Yes, I manually communicate with followers

Yes, I just growing my account manually through posts. At the moment I follow 65 real people and that’s fine with me. I don’t see the point in adding people I’m not interested in and then unsubscribe from them. I and other people can find my posts through hashtags. I believe that the audience reach is really low (for example, at the moment the last post scored 200 likes, the penultimate almost 600). It feels like I have not 39,500 followers, but much less. I’ll write again that I’ll never bought followers and never asked anyone to do it

Oho! This is a lot! I sympathize with you. Sorry, but what does mean M/S DM and f/UF? I don’t know what is happening with Instagram! Sometimes I noticed more than 50 people arrived every day in 24 hours, now I see the opposite

Bad quality of content or maybe a drop in the quality.
Fake (ghost followers) profiles shot down by instagram.
People tend to be more picky of who they follow these days.

Drops are not unusual and the amount you speak of is very normal.

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I always try to publish high-quality content (photos, videos). Here are my account statistics:

Audience Type

Real People






Mass followers



Suspicious Accounts



Can you please elaborate how you reach your audience aside using likes and comments?? Maybe you are using hashtags?

The reason I want you to explain as much as possible is for us to have an idea of where things might have gone wrong.

Have you checked to see if you are shadowbanned? This indeed will affect your reach.

I understand this. But you have not experienced hitting any blocks around may 25 th.?

I am fishing for something that might have weakened your trust score.

Any big amount of engagement hitting your profile all of sudden?

Is this profile verified?

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Sorry for the late response. Yes, I reach my audience with hashtags. No, I don’t have a shadowbanned. I and others find my posts. I have not experienced hitting any blocks around may 25th and my profile is not verified. I have a fan page and similar pages about this actor have a growing number of followers, but not me. I only lose them every day, even if not in large quantities, but they leave. I can’t believe that a month ago I had 39, 630 thousand and the mark was approaching 40 thousand. A week ago, it was 39,517. Then about a week this mark gradually decreased and now I have 39,500. People come a little, but the difference is not noticeable. Sorry for my bad english

You don’t need to apologize my friend. Your english is good and I understand everything you say.
The amount of followers you mention you have lost is not overwhelming much. I experience same amount drops on some of my accoubts aswell, but I do manage to replace the dropped ones + gaining more.

You content is still top notch and you are not shadowbanned.

Now this is just an idea and I am not saying it is certainly this. But since you target hashtags, they seem to attract many bot profiles who follow, and later unfollow.

Since you haven’t changed anything and are doing everything according to your all working plan.

I would say the issue may not be you but the sources that you are targetting. The FBR. is not what it used to be, you might wanna twitch things a bit and trye targetting new sources to see if that’ll do the trick.

Great luck @Jade

@Micky Thank you so much for your words of support! I try to attract followers through other social networks (Twitter, Facebook), but the result is invisible. New people arrive in small numbers, but this is not noticeable. For example, at night, before going to bed, I write down one number of followers, in the morning I see that for example, 4 have arrived, but the total number is less than it was at night. It feels like they only unfollowed me

I am in the exact same position.

I have an 88k/66k/40k account Instagram accounts.I am losing followers everyday on all three accounts.

No shadow bans on all accounts. It’s just weird. My followers numbers are dropping daily. I gain a handful of followers, but I lose more.

Content quality is good. But can’t seem to figure out, why.

Any help is appreciated.

It’s prob bots that are being deleted from Instagram and not actual people choosing to unfollow you

No, there are not only bots. For example, real people unsubscribe from me. This can be seen through a special application.

I think it’s instagram glitches and only they can solve them

Same problem for me, I think many people “Clean” their following list every now and then and they end up unfollowing me because they don’t know me personally.

@rekt1251 How are you doing now? Everything is still the same for me… :disappointed_relieved:

No improvement bro :neutral_face:

I am gaining +30 to 40 followers. But losing - 50 to 60

I have no idea how I can put an end to this.

This is sad indeed. Let me know if you find a solution to this.