Followers unsubscribe every day

If you just did a little liking, you could easily offset the loss…

I’m girl, not bro :slight_smile: I myself do not know the solution to this problem… :frowning:

I like around 200 people everyday, comment on 40 people and story view about 400 as well.

I just cannot seem to stop this leak.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you

:raised_hands::innocent: O oh… My bad

Honestly I have been trying to dig into to this matter a bit, just to recognize why this could happen.
The only obvious reason I can cook this whole thing down to is the “Least Interacted With” feature implemented by IG. This makes it much easier for users to target you and unfollow you. I mean once you start getting a good portion of followers, the amount of allowed actions will not be enough to cover all your followers.
Even using slaves to target followers on main for liking, commenting etc. , it does not help, as the main still will show up on the followers list as “Least Interacted With” obviously because it is not doing the job. This is an important matter of why everyone is experiencing a great number of unfollows these days than earlier.
This also makes sense since this feature is relatively “new” and users on IG are getting more and more fimiliar with this feature.

Maybe you are right, but 4 fan accounts that I know, with exactly the same content as mine (I mean the same actor, but we all have different posts), get 100-120 new followers every day, while their content leaves much to be desired (low-quality photos and videos, insults to the wife of this actor, and so on). Now I have 39,491 followers, while at night there were 39,506. The last new follower was 10 hours ago :frowning:

Bump it up to 500

Now it will be impossible for me to know why exactly and what is happening on these fan accounts you are mentioning. But as in general digging into this and figuring out this “Least Interacted With” is a key factor. It has made it very visible and extremely easy for users to unfollow.

Alright :+1:t4:

As you can see… the unfollow pattern… on dates July 4- 6th :point_down:t4:

When I post, I lose 40-50 followers, so I can relate.

This is very sad… When will it stop? I see this for the first time in three years that my account exists

Instagram is sanitizing, so fake, bots, and inactive accounts are being deleted. Also, some accounts are using a growth model on Instagram called the ‘follow/unfollow’ method which involves following your account and expecting you to follow back. However, 100 followers decrease is not a concerning number.

Yes, people are unsubscribing, this is normal, but so that there are almost no new followers and the number of unsubscribes is many times greater than the number of new subscribers, I see this for the first time. Now it is no longer 100 unsubscribers, it is much more, since they leave every day

Try posting some better posts, better content, also try to post only the content that is related to your account’s niche. That’s very important.

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Jade, have you tried engaging with (especially new) followers of the other fanpages?
Not to the extent of risking a block, just maybe replying to their comments on your competitors posts in a non-spammy way (!).
If you’re trying to be genuinely helpful and come across as interested in this topic and someone who just wants to talk about the show and the actor because you’re just as hyped about it as the other fans, people will check your page and some of them will follow you.

That takes a bit more work than just liking potential followers’ posts, but you’ll get a lot of exposure and people who read your comments and comment replies are already interested in your topic.

Just don’t go down the “hey check my account” or “nice pic” or “:fire:” route. :smile:

People unfollowing is normal. I run accounts where the unfollow number ranges from 30-350 (with a few losing 500) per day. Some of it is people following/unfollowing. Some of it is people following pages in a spam manner for content they truly don’t care to see everyday. Some of it is their interests change like the day.

Add in the latest feature by IG to see the pages least interacted with, and it makes it easy for people to clean up their feed from the above (of many reasons).

Truly, unless they were a paying customer, it’s better to accept people just didn’t want to follow anymore. This is good for those pages who don’t see your content because of those who are not engaging your content.

1 more person who cares for what you post gets to see your content for every person who leaves your page. Keep posting & ensure you draw more follows than unfollows. Won’t matter much anymore

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Hello! I loose about 1K followers per month (my account has now 112K), some friends with around 50K to 200K followers also loose the same amount of 1K followers per month. I’ve received a report saying that instagram auto unfollow from our accounts people who don’t engage at all with your content. So… As I have more then 100K followers I know the reach is only for around 2% of my audience. So if I post only once or twice per week, many people won’t ever see my posts. So those one who are ghost followers instagram will auto unfollow them from my account, as they understand this profile is not interested in my content. But the problem is, sometimes they are. They just don’t have the content shown to them and dont’t remember my profile exists. So maybe the best way to avoid this is to post more and sometimes to promote post to followers.

Can you kindly share with us this report. I will be highly interested in reading this.

Thank you in advance.


I also have a pdf I just published here for you guys

This seems like a promo.
Also read your attached link. Nothing about any official report or announcement from FB or cooperates claiming this:

Anyways, thank you for taking your time and providing your material.

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